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We finally have solid quote on moving and fixing the site

Here is the price

$475 for the move

#120 annually for the SSL

$35 a month for hosting & mail

Or in round figures $1015

The best part, we are absolutely positively guaranteed that our site will not be censored or removed for being a conservative site, offering conservative arguments and conservative content including support for our current president. For me this was a sine-non-qua for any move.

However the real question is this. Given my current level of debt and our current subscriber base, is there enough demand for the site to lay out the cash? Unbeknownst to most of you we did a private fund raiser to try to eliminate our debt and while it covered our PintasticNE expenses and allowed us to double our writer pay cushion to two months vs one it failed to reach its goal which ironically would have been enough to pay for this.

So a 2nd public fundraiser is necessary. Our goal is modest by Aug 20th we want to raise



$500 plus 4 $20 a month subscribers.

II’s a modest goal and it’s flexible.

If we only manage to make half of it I can still pay for the move and will set the wheels in motion in the hopes an improved site gains us new subscribers to cover the monthly costs. And of course if we do better I can pay down the existing debt which would be a Godsend.

And if we fail to make the goal in the by the 20th. Then I will know that there just isn’t enough support for the site to justify continuing on.

During that time we’ll still have no link/image posts here (lots of hoops to jump through to make them) and regular posting at our backup site (great piece by Christopher Harper there today btw)

So I leave the choice to you, I hope you decide we’re still worth it, but even if you don’t speaking for all of us thank you for keeping us going for the 10+ years we’ve been around.

It’s been a bit of work, but it’s also been fun.

So you really ought to Click here and check out the new site because that’s where I’ll be posting from now on.

But keep this site handy, I’ll leave it up as an archive and if there is a CRASH at the other site I’ll post here as an emergency blog spot.

Has somebody hacked and stolen your blog or something? Glad you asked. I’m in the process of moving to my own domain. I hope to have all my posts overthere starting Monday.

I’ll be slowing rebuilding links, features, etc over there as time permits. It might be short some images, but from this point I’ll be starting to push the links in that direction rather than this one.

Oh and I’ll be selling some ad space over there in conjunction with the radio show. Thus the list of Advertisers. I’m not going to do blogads at least not for now.

Although I’ve imported posts the images didn’t go over well so I’ll be using this site as a permanent archive and as an emergency posting location if the other site goes down.

Thank you for my best month ever

Posted: January 31, 2011 by datechguy in blogs

I’d like to thank all of my readers and listeners for the last two months on the blog.

December is traditionally a slow month for bloggers but I was just 35 hits below my January 2010 numbers (the Scott Brown Election coverage).

January 2011 was even better. Last January was my second best month ever with over 30k hits. As of this morning (when this post is being written I am 700 hits shy of doubling those numbers).

None of this is possible without you. Thank you all very much.