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Don’t go to parties with metal detectors
Sure, it feels safe inside…
But what about all those niggas waitin’ outside with guns?…
They know you ain’t got one!

Chris Rock: No Sex in the Champagne Room 1999

At Michigan State University someone started shooting last night

You had 8 shot three dead, this was a situation made for the left to exploit. One State rep quickly went on the attack and then came the congresswoman.

This had all the potential to be a national story with national coverage and days of beating of the breast, and then the suspect who killed himself was identified:

And here comes DaTechGuy’s third law of media outrage:

The MSM’s elevation and continued classification of any story as Nationally Newsworthy rather than only of local interest is in direct correlation to said story’s current ability to affirm any current Democrat/Liberal/Media meme/talking point, particularly on the subject of race or sexuality.

Convicted felon, known to police, in a gun free zone, carrying illegally, and black, add those together and you have a story that doesn’t advance the effort to disarm citizens.

So I predict this story won’t last beyond today or tomorrow at the latest.

Unexpectedly of course.

Closing thought: Here is an interesting story from the NYT on another shooting that didn’t manage to get a lot of national attention.

And it looks like the New York Times may have finally figured that out. After a murder took place in Times Square on Thursday night, the paper openly questioned why posted signs banning guns from the area didn’t stop the violence. “The shooting was the first since the creation of the expansive, signposted zone, the police said in a statement, and it immediately renewed questions about whether such a designation can truly protect the area,” the so-called paper of record reported.

“People feel emboldened to carry guns on the street,” said Tom Harris, a retired New York City police inspector and the president of the Times Square Alliance, told the Times. “A gun-free zone is not going to stop a criminal from carrying a gun.”

Chris Rock’s nods

After watching the video of the Chris Rock Joke and Will Smith’s response I’ve several things to say.

  1. When I was a kid jokes about people’s wives and mothers were considered completely off limits and any such joke would constitute “fighting words” particularly in the presence of a husband and/or son.
  2. When I heard Rock’s joke I thought it was pretty tame and was unsure if it rose to the level of a smack in the face until my wife informed me of Smith’s wife’s disease that caused her to lose her hair. Given that fact I’d say such a joke about a man’s wife made publicly in his presence required a response.
  3. Even without the disease it would be up to Smith and not me to decide if Rock’s words rose to the level of a punch in the face.
  4. If this was not told in a public place with Smith present it would not have required a public punch in the mouth Smith could have spoken to him privately and demanded an apology, and if it didn’t’ come THEN he could whack him.
  5. I very much liked the fact that Smith walked up slowly and calmly before smacking him and then slowly and calmly returned to his seat. That was exactly the right way to do it.
  6. I must say I give a lot of credit to Chris Rock for his reaction he took the punch and carried on. didn’t miss a beat. He did the deed, paid the price and continued about his business.
  7. Even with a tame joke if that had been a joke about my mother and my father was present the only way he wouldn’t have gotten to Rock would be because me and my brothers might have gotten to him first.
  8. My wife told me that several million women across the country swooned when they saw Smith call on Rock to “keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.” and even more when he threw the punch. She’s right. Woman like the idea of their man standing up for them even if they might not admit it.
  9. Congresswoman Ayanna Presley of the squad tweeted out support for Smith’s actions and then deleted it. It figures. She finally tweets something I agree with and then deletes it.
  10. I’ll wager Smith gets a ton of fan mail over this, but will be condemned by a the “right” people because his actions reinforce masculinity and the role of men, something our cultural betters despise.
  11. Of course in fairness to our cultural betters since they can’t define “woman” they would have no idea what to do anyway.
  12. Finally The folks who produce the Oscars must have been in rapture. It’s the most attention the show has gotten in decades.

This of course brought to mind a story involving my wife and my youngest son.

I taught my boys to avoid fights, I further told them than if in a situation where they might get in a fight and it’s impossible to get out of it to make sure they didn’t throw the first punch.

There was however one caveat to that rule. If the person in question was saying something about either their mother or their grandmother, they not only had permission to throw the first punch but they had standing orders, provided the person was not armed, to do so.

This exact situation arose about twenty years ago. My wife was a school nurse at the time and my son attended the school she worked at. On the playground somebody said something about his mother and he smacked him.

Of course he got into trouble and I was called in to talk to the vice principal. I told him in no uncertain terms that he was acting my standing orders and that while I understood that the school had to enforce their rules and had no objection to any discipline they had to apply to my son that my standing orders to him remained in force and he would be commended by me for his actions.

So my son got detention and principal thanked me for my time, but as I was reaching the door he said quietly to me that he hoped his son would do the same thing in the same situation.

A postscript. Nobody ever talked any smack about his mother in his presence again.