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Again the transformation from the “when is she going to speak out” before she talked to the “she shouldn’t’ make it about herself”.

Guys I like you but are you actually listening to yourselves? You have given 10 minutes to Sarah Palin because it is your attempt to boost ratings. Remember MSNBC + CNN doesn’t manage to manage to draw as many views as Fox, so you go all Sarah Palin to fire up the niche market and to draw eyeballs of folks like me to see what you guys are going to say.

Mike, I love you, we are both guys from the kingdom, but if you decide that if you are tweeting you are not a serious person that places you in firmly in the middle of the 20th century (when you are born) c’mon Mike.

The problem is people on the right who don’t support her for president see this totally differently:

I continue to believe that Sarah Palin is not yet qualified to be president, but my admiration for her continues to grow. Her interview with Sean Hannity, just aired, was almost pitch-perfect. It was dignified. It was well-modulated. It was strong. And it was thoughtful. She kept her composure even as Hannity put on the screen some of the vilest, most vicious attacks against her — the sorts of things that were so bad that if they were said about me they might shake me to my core. She explained her thought process after hearing about the shooting in Tucson, and explained the timing of her videotaped message, and explained her use of the term “blood libel.” She insisted, rightly, that strong and honest — but respectful — political debate should not be stifled, and noted that it only seems like the right is asked to stifle its views. She was correct on all counts.

Guys, I understand your job is to draw ratings but c’mon guys is there no other way to get audience?

Oh btw I was checking school cancellations so I missed a few min, I don’t know if they mentioned the Fuller Brush man’s apology, but I’ll watch through the 7 a.m. hour to see if that changes.

Update: They find the brush man at 6:33 a.m. in headlines at the bottom of the hour, they give him 30 seconds and Joe throws a comment or two.

Update 2: Does anyone remember the advice that Joe Scarborough & company gave the GOP all during 2009 & 2010. It was the opposite of what they did. If the Republican’s took your advice they would be the minority party in the house now.

Update 3: Joe unexpectedly tears into Carl Bernstein over the “ignorant” business. Carl quotes republicans who didn’t like her but plays the phony geography card showing that he, not Palin is the ignorant one. What on earth happened? He is really going after him on the Palin ignorant and demagogue stuff. What did they inject him with over the break?

Update 4: Joe has actually compared the way Palin is treated by the MSM to the way Reagan was treated in 1980 by the MSM. Am I actually awake and seeing this? This is what you call a 180.

I fell asleep on the couch last night and work up at 5 a.m. Much to my youngest’s dismay I don’t see Fitchburg schools listed as canceled but I did turn on Way Too Early with Willie Geist and I see they have discovered Eric Fuller now that he has apologized.

That delay resulted in this post which resulted in my single best day since the blog opened, so I guess I should thank the MSNBC crew for delaying.

I presume Morning Joe will have it as well, but the focus is likely going to be another Palin derangement syndrome day.

(I think the battle hymn song is over the top, I think it enters Palin cult territory. I’m sure they are very nice people but I thought it was shall we say…amusing. )

As you might recall Morning Joe went so over the top at the start of Friday’s show than I turned it off and watched the stooges all morning.

When the Eric Fuller statement came out and the left jumped all over it I was sure he would be the lead story on Monday, that was until he decided to publicly threaten a tea party person during the taping of ABC’s town hall on the Tuscon shootings.

Now I’m not a news director but I’d think that the irony of a shooting victim of Jared Zeitgeist Longhner threatening a tea party member, being arrested and involuntarily committed might actually be a story of interest that might bring discussion.

It would be interesting to see how they deal with this story, wouldn’t it? They have dealt with it all right. They’ve dealt it right out of the deck.

I have not seen a single mention of the event, not even a one liner in the base news segment. I’ve been watching since 6:04 and not a peep. Not a word.

Does anyone actually believe that if the roles had been reversed and the tea party person had been arrested it would have been the top story? How can these people actually justify this omission and is there anyone other than naive old me who expected better of them, that is actually surprised?

Let’s not pretend that the MSM is populated by “journalists” The MSM’s making Eric Fuller an unperson proves that it is now only populated by “journolist“.

Update: Nope not a word although I missed the “what have we learned today” segment but an inclusion there would be pretty lame. I’ve learned that MSNBC would rather protect their niche market than report news. I’ve also learned that Joe Scarborough was damn lucky not to be there to get a part of the blame today. Finally i’ve learned that an Instalanche is a great way to start the day. If you are a Glenn Reynolds fan who missed him on my show Saturday Night you can listen to it here. If you are one of those national advertisers that Glenn said is missing out on the 50,000 watts of my radio show, the ad rates are here.

Update 2: 24 hours later Way too early with Willie Geist discovers Eric Fuller reporting his apology. Will that rehabilitate him enough to make him the poster boy for the “blame the tea party” left? We will see.

Update 3: At least one reader was unclear on who Fuller was. This link explains it.

One of the dangers of demagoguery an issue is that if you are caught it’s hard to get your credibility back.

For several days the left decided that the Tea Party and Sarah Palin were responsible for the shootings in Arizona

Alas not only did the facts point elsewhere but the violent anger of the left was exposed

Then came the Palin attacks and the re-deification of president Obama alas reasonable people aren’t buying the Palin line when actually seeing her speech found it sincere and believable.

Meanwhile as the blogs (even media ones) continued to document the madness of the left (and the people continued to reject it) little bits of info came out that to take the luster off of the president’s event.

But the left thought they had hit the jackpot with Eric Fuller and a new narrative was born:.

Alas their hero managed to threaten a tea party member during the taping of a national broadcast and get himself committed.

And despite ABC’s downplaying the event it is at the top of Memeorandum although MSM sources don’t mention that it was a tea party member threatened.

Now the script for the Monday shows that was already written will need to be re-written again. Morning Joe should be fun.

The internet is just killing the left. When they expose themselves it just can’t be hidden anymore.