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One of the dangers of demagoguery an issue is that if you are caught it’s hard to get your credibility back.

For several days the left decided that the Tea Party and Sarah Palin were responsible for the shootings in Arizona

Alas not only did the facts point elsewhere but the violent anger of the left was exposed

Then came the Palin attacks and the re-deification of president Obama alas reasonable people aren’t buying the Palin line when actually seeing her speech found it sincere and believable.

Meanwhile as the blogs (even media ones) continued to document the madness of the left (and the people continued to reject it) little bits of info came out that to take the luster off of the president’s event.

But the left thought they had hit the jackpot with Eric Fuller and a new narrative was born:.

Alas their hero managed to threaten a tea party member during the taping of a national broadcast and get himself committed.

And despite ABC’s downplaying the event it is at the top of Memeorandum although MSM sources don’t mention that it was a tea party member threatened.

Now the script for the Monday shows that was already written will need to be re-written again. Morning Joe should be fun.

The internet is just killing the left. When they expose themselves it just can’t be hidden anymore.

After a tough drive and an afternoon of shoveling I was dead tired so I hit the sack early so I didn’t hear the president’s speech or read it yet.

The clips on the TV are OK. On Morning Joe they are giving it the Gettysburg Address treatment but I suspect if his entire speech was “I like cheeseburgers” they would find a reason to be complementing him but they have seen the speech and I have not so I’m at a disadvantage.

I still resent Joe’s statement that both sides were trying to make hay of this. One side attacked and the other defended.

I’ll withhold my own judgment on the speech until I read it and check some reviews. Anything I do before I take the kid to school will likely be here, after that I’ll put it on a new post.

Update: From what I’m seeing the speech was pretty good. Michelle Malkin notes it was a good speech.