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Vinnie showed me around CNN after the Varsity a few nights ago, it’s actually incredible when you consider the volume of data that goes through there and the amount of effort it takes to make everything work. I met an awful lot of hard working people there and discovered the answer to a question that has baffled conservatives for years…

Good thing I didn’t visit MSNBC otherwise it might not have worn off, then again maybe the three ladies would have liked me better.

…but let me tell you this. I was at his office in Lithonia today and I was treated like an honored guest.

Hank Johnson's Lithonia office: Nice people inside

I want to thank the staff and particularly Andy Phelan. We certainly don’t agree on policy but they have the concept of southern hospitality down pat.

I will be writing a much longer post on the subject but I wanted to give a personal thank you for the kindness and the hospitality that the people of Doraville gave to a stranger from 1000 miles away who was intruding on their celebration and reception for their police chief who has just returned from Afghanistan. I want to give a particular thank you to the Mayor who gave me some of his time privately.

At the Reception

To Lynn Watanabe of the library I want you to know I’ve burned a CD of the events and if I don’t get a chance to drop it off before I leave, my friend Vinnie will swing by afterwards and drop it off there. All of the video I took will eventually end up on my youtube account so feel free to refer people there as well.

Chief/Col King and some of the citizens of Doraville

You know I have talked to people from Lithonia , Doraville, Atlanta, Norcross, Decatur and I have to say to my compatriots up north, if you had the pleasure of meeting the people of Georgia as I have you would have a very different picture of the south than what is currently portrayed in the media and in popular culture. I have yet to meet a person that I would not mind living on my street back home and I’ve met MANY people who I wish did.

Update: Here is a brief clip from the presentation before the reception

The funny think about my pal Vinnie is he was a year behind me in school yet we became pretty close. Vinnie & Joe I normally see every other year but George who I was very close to in St. Anthony’s I hadn’t seen since 1978. Nor his parents and of course I never met his wife and kids.

We had some great political debates in the house as their opinions span the total width of political thought in the country.

I’ll wager if you aren’t familiar with this part of Ga-4’s demographics you expected that Vinnie would look something like Joe Pesci…WRONG!

Just as good every night his father George is up late while I’m posting and I’ve been getting some of his wisdom. He’s been a computer tech type since the 50’s and has forgotten more than I’ll ever learn about computers, but more importantly he knows about life and that is MUCH more interesting.

Of course not as interesting as the fine linkage that Robert Stacy and The Daily Gator have provided me, but the one thing I’m really lacking is the company of local bloggers. I’d like to do some kind of blogger get together before I scoot. Maybe Friday? Any ideas? I can add you to the Field guide if I meet you and we talk.

Update: Oh guys BTW about that “Yankee” stuff, don’t forget that like Scarlett Hazeltine where I come from everyone hates the Yankees.