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Donald Trump is no Ham Sandwich

Posted: March 29, 2022 by datechguy in News/opinion

I had to laugh when I saw this tweet yesterday

I laugh because it reminds me of the days of Fitzmas when the media kept telling us that Karl Rove was going to be indicted any day now but it never happened and the days when the Mueller report was going to prove Russian Collusion any day now etc etc etc.

Let’s put it bluntly. There is an old legal saying that it’s so easy to indict someone that you could indict a Ham Sandwich if you wanted to. Furthermore every single lefty judge and lawyer in the nation knows that the person who indicts Trump has a meal ticket for life card from the left from speeches at colleges to guests of honor sports at banquets, not to mention becoming a favorite of both Hollywood and the media.

Yet after six years of a full court press against Trump hasn’t produced anything worth bring to court.

Lawyers and judges on the left might not be able to define what a “woman” is but they know the difference between Trump and a Ham Sandwich.

That’s how clean Trump is.

The Big Picture is all a flutter with this headline:

Roger Ailes to be Indicted

OMG this is a story that will rock the nation! Let’s take a look at the basis for this incredible story:

Someone I spoke with claimed that Ailes was scheduled to speak at their event in March, but canceled. It appears that Roger’s people, ostensibly using a clause in his contract, said he “cannot appear for legal reasons.”

I asked “What, precisely, does that mean?”

The response: “Roger Ailes will be indicted — probably this week, maybe even Monday.”

That’s it? This is what makes a story a headline on Memeorandum?

Barry I don’t know you but C’mon!

I predict that the left will get all Fizsmasey over this nonsense and will be sadly disappointed when nothing comes of it.

You heard it here first.