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So you really ought to Click here and check out the new site because that’s where I’ll be posting from now on.

But keep this site handy, I’ll leave it up as an archive and if there is a CRASH at the other site I’ll post here as an emergency blog spot.

Has somebody hacked and stolen your blog or something? Glad you asked. I’m in the process of moving to my own domain. I hope to have all my posts overthere starting Monday.

I’ll be slowing rebuilding links, features, etc over there as time permits. It might be short some images, but from this point I’ll be starting to push the links in that direction rather than this one.

Oh and I’ll be selling some ad space over there in conjunction with the radio show. Thus the list of Advertisers. I’m not going to do blogads at least not for now.

Although I’ve imported posts the images didn’t go over well so I’ll be using this site as a permanent archive and as an emergency posting location if the other site goes down.

My blog has been down for most of the day

Posted: March 22, 2011 by datechguy in blogs

So my apologies for those who were expecting insightful commentary (or depending on your opinion worthless tripe). Both will resume tomorrow.

Funny you should ask, I checked with the station when the show didn’t get e-mailed to me right away. Turns out although the show was recorded for whatever reason the file was never saved.

So like a missing tooth unfortunately there is a gaping hole in my archives meaning that a lot of you missed the wisdom of NeoNeocon, the commentary of Tom of Libertarian Leanings and the comments of my state rep Steve DiNatale, it is your loss.

And I totally deny that the file is missing because of the references we made to events at Northwestern University in an attempt to make sure my 86 year old Sicilian mother couldn’t reference the recording.

If anyone for any reason happened to record it I would be very happy to relieve them of a copy of it…

…just keep it away from my mother.