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I had the dickens of a time getting these files to upload which is why this hasn’t gone up earlier. But I attended the candidates forum in Norcross, where among many others the republicans running for the ga-7 nomination appeared. I had enough space on my cards for the opening statements and the first two questions.

I attended the UPCCA ( United PeachTree Corners Civic Organization) candidates forum last night (a bunch of “stock” photos here). I’m in the process of uploading interviews from the Forum and about half of section of the republican candidates for the Ga-7 race. I will post that later tonight. For now I want to give you a quick pan of the area:

Here is an overview of what I saw:

Liz and Cheryl setting up

Cheryl who you might remember from Field Guide to Bloggers, and I arrived almost at the same time although we hadn’t seen each other since I came down here. The event was pretty packed and several candidates had tables in the back. Liz Carter was the only Ga-4 candidate who was in attendance. It was actually the first time we met in person. My interview with her is already posted here,

Liz at the Forumn

so check it out if you haven’t already. She is just as impressive in person as she was over the phone with a fine grasp on the issues and what matters most at this time. I plan on a more complete profile later in the week.

I haven’t met any of the other candidates at this time but I’d say this district would be in very good hands with Liz, particularly if she takes Cheryl with her to Washington. Talk about two strong, bright, hard working women.

The Forum had short sessions with the candidates for state, county and federal offices with a series of questions that went back and forth, sometimes you has as few as two candidates (such as the Sec of State race). For the Ga-7 seat race you had 8 candidates taking up two tables. It was very odd to see candidates who actually stuck to the time limits. I only saw one go over the entire night.

Georiga Sec of state candidates Doug MacGinnitie & Angela Moore

Although on a political level we disagree on several issues, on a personal level I got along famously with Angela Moore, hey we Sicilians gotta stick together! I also give her a lot of kudos as the only democrat that I saw in attendance.

The Congressional seat was the big race I met several of the candidates. I didn’t see a single one that I think would not do a good job in the seat, but it was Mr. Cox’s mother who impressed me the most.

She didn’t want to speak on camera (which seems to be one constant down here, I’ve had a horrible time trying to get people to talk on camera but off camera we had a lovely conversation about her son. She is without a doubt an excellent asset to her son and a fine woman.

Considering the sheer number of candidates the night went forward very smoothly. I would recommend attendance of this event in the future for any local who wants to know a little bit more about the people who represent them.

Here are a series of photos from tonight’s candidate forum.

I’d do more captioning but it’s nearly 2 a.m. I still have video uploading and I’ve been up since 6 so we will schedule this for the morning and pick things up when I wake.

Update: I should inform you that forum was hosted by the United Peachtree Corners Civic Association.