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How DARE you sir!

Posted: February 21, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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Mr Huckabee, I’m sure you are a very nice man in person and I’m sure you treat your family very well, I could certainly use weight loss tips from you, and I suspect I might like you if I met you…

but how DARE you sir!


Robert Stacy, Michelle and oh just look at memeorandum thread and start clicking if you want details and it is all over it.

What I have to say is indirect commentary, much less important than the actual act but very telling…

In the first hour or so of Morning Joe today Mika was simply giddy with the idea that Mike Huckabee said on camera that he will likely not run since he doesn’t have the support of the base, she snidely talked about him not passing the “purity test” of the GOP and stressed it as an insult.

At this point Joe and Willie brought up events in Seattle and the fact that the killer was released by Mike Huckabee’s and will become his Willie Horton Moment.

You should have seen Mika’s face, it twisted and changed as if someone had run over her puppy. However later in the show the subject of “purity tests” came up again without the Huckabee connection and she was herself again.

Although the blindsiding of Mika, famous for wanting to deal with “hard news” was funny the real story was the fact that Joe and Willie knew all about what was going on in Seattle and it wasn’t making the news, the Houston Chronicle headline was shown but no further discussion.

Was it due to the race of the subject? Was it because it was concerning a released felon? I think it is because it has no bearing on their media template or ability to hit conservatives in general. It can only hurt Huck and they perfer Huck after all he is very beatable, even by Obama.

Today they briefly mentioned ACORN wanting to change it’s name, the dumping of documents? Not a word.

This is really about the News selection, the people at ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN et/al they KNOW about these stories, (Charlie Gibson not withstanding) and they choose to pretend otherwise or are ordered by their bosses to do so.

They are some of the best of the media’s coffee clatch crowd but are still part of that crowd and want to stay there. There is only so far off the reservation you can go and still be welcome at the parties and get the attention for the shows. That is the tightrope that they choose to walk. Re-admittance to that crowd was Andrew Sullivan’s reward for his change, would he be a regular on Chris Matthews’ show without it?

That’s why Sarah Palin drives them all nuts, she believes what she believes and you can take it or leave it , same with Rush he believes what he believes and doesn’t care what others think about it. They refuse to let others define them. It is a threat to the entire world view of the media culture.

I think their Radio show is going to be interesting, what will they choose to cover?

Note as I’m finishing this post there is 30 min to go in the show and they have hinted they will touch the topic again. Lets see…

Update: Nope Joe didn’t cover it but other liberal outlets are. The Huffpo commentators in particular see Huck’s Christianity and are charging like bulls toward a red cloth.

Meanwhile the Washington post says what I just did:

In a new Washington Post poll, Palin beats other GOP leaders on two questions: who best represents the party’s core values, and who Republicans would vote for if the presidential nomination battle were held today. But she has particular appeal to the loyal followers of Limbaugh and Beck, two of the most popular conservative talk show hosts in the country.

As long as she is unafraid her foes will be.

Commentator BSR defends Mike Huckabee non-endorsement of Hoffman in comments and links to this post. It is worth quoting:

If Huckabee agrees so much with Hoffman, the conservative bloggers wail, why doesn’t he officially endorse him?

I answer that question with a question of my own. Would these same bloggers be asking that question if it were a Democratic candidate that was the more conservative in this race?

No. They wouldn’t.

Mike Huckabee is the leading contender for the 2012 Republican party nomination. If he officially endorsed a non-Republican candidate he would be running counter to his party – indeed some would say such action serves to legitimize and strengthen a rival party – and you can bet your next paycheck he’d be hearing about it in 2012.

It’s not Huckabee’s fault the party can’t field a respectable candidate in New York. Furthermore, Huckabee is a man of the people who is fully aware that his personal opinion is plenty (heck, it may even be better) to help voters make a decision.

So, the story remains, Mike Huckabee didn’t endorse a non-Republican.

Not a bad point if want to stay in good with the party, Mitt Romney for example is staying out of it, but the party is less popular than conservatism. There is a much better point to be made that my fellow Blue State Republican does NOT make.

The point would be the timing. Any endorsement would be appear to be a “me too” endorsement so at this point it is moot.

A great example is Pawlenty v Palin. When Palin endorsed Hoffman was in 3rd place but showed promise. She was talking a huge political risk, not only in angering the main party but in backing a losing horse and not only a losing horse but a THIRD PLACE horse in a three horse race. If Hoffman came in a poor 3rd the media would be jumping all over her. As I blogged Stephen Stromberger at the Washington post was practically giddy at the possibility. Margaret Carlson gives another example:

Scozzafava fails to meet Palin’s requirements for a good Republican because of her moderate position on gay marriage and abortion. While she says she won’t vote for new taxes, Palin doesn’t believe her. Friending Hoffman on Facebook, Palin wrote that the best thing about him is that he’s “not been anointed by any political machine” and stands for bedrock Republican principles. Invoking Ronald Reagan, Palin added that he knew that “blurring the lines wasn’t an appropriate way to win election.”

Put aside that Palin is violating Reagan’s cardinal rule not to speak ill of a fellow Republican. Palin isn’t a stickler for details. Her incursion into NY-23 puts into stark relief the schism in the party that’s been brewing like a tea bag since the party’s loss in November.

One-time rogue Newt Gingrich, in the midst of his periodic dithering over whether to run for president, went nuclear over her purity test. “This idea that we’re suddenly going to establish litmus tests, and all across the country, we’re going to purge the party of anybody who doesn’t agree with us 100 percent — that guarantees Obama’s reelection. That guarantees Pelosi is speaker for life.”

Yet despite Google’s love of all stories anti Palin Hoffman is now poised to win giving her the rewards from the risk. Pawlenty seeing that the game had changed found himself forced to follow her lead as did other republicans. They became followers. It made him look like Moe pushing Curley and Larry into a room.

Huckabee meanwhile made his preference to Hoffman clear so a official endorsement will only make him weak while his holding back will help him with the establishment. Strategically the status quo is his best move and it is not dishonorable…

…he is still not going to win in 2012 although the MSM will favor him over Palin if she runs, and will favor Romney over him if she doesn’t.

Vote Hoffman!

…after all we all remember the incredible presidential race between Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton, although I somehow don’t remember how that ended.

So when I see these poll results at Rasmussen:

Among likely Republican primary voters, Palin now trails former Arkansas governor-turned-Fox-TV-host Mike Huckabee by 20 points – 55% to 35%.

When her opponent is ex-Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Palin loses by 15 – 52% to 37%.

a mere 3 years before the primaries I tend to not make my decisions or assumptions based on them.

Remind me what were Obama’s numbers 8 months ago?

Update: Allahpundit does a lap victory lap. Save it for 2011.