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…really I do, but the news of the day doesn’t allow it. Example from Ruby Slippers:

An early look at Schneller’s nominating petitions, which are still being reviewed by iin full, shows that Schneller couldn’t have gathered the required 4,200 signatures without help from Democrats. Schneller himself collected only about 3,200 signatures. Almost all of the remaining 4,800 signatures were gathered by registered Democrats, many of whom have clear ties to Lentz. Many of the Democrats who circulated petitions for Schneller are party insiders and activists who would surely find Schneller’s political beliefs to be distasteful at best. Schneller is a staunch conservative who has dabbled in the so-called “Birther” movement that questions President Obama’s signature.

The Tea Party has in fact endorsed republican Pat Meehan and has no interest in Schneller but as politico reports this would not have been possible without the Lentz campaign:

The Democrats who helped gather the signatures include Colleen Guiney, the chairwoman of the Swarthmore Democratic Party and a Lentz supporter; Nicholas Allred, who works for the Swarthmore College Democrats and Rocco Polidoro, among others, according to secretary of state filings.

National review calls it a stench in Pa-7. Actually this is a very old political hardball tactic, not much different than Limbaugh’s “operation chaos“.

If you are going to run for office, particularly if you are threatening the use of the Treasury as a piggy bank to buy votes of course you are going to get people using any legal tactic to stop you and you’d better be ready to fight fire with fire. Why the RNC isn’t getting Naderites on the ballot all over states like Calif and MA is actually beyond me.

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