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A few days ago Stacy McCain wrote about an aspiring football player who had a brush with the law who, as Stacy put it:

was behind the wheel of a Mercedes when he got blue-lighted Friday by Volusia County deputies on I-95. Teytlebaum fled north into Flagler County at triple-digit speeds, weaving in and out of traffic, passing on the shoulder and generally making himself a hazard to other motorists

After he was caught thanks to air support there was an exchange that I think is worthy of more attention:

Teytlebaum: “I got a warrant.”
Deputy: “OK, then if you’ve got a warrant . . .”
Teytlebaum: “I’m asking, do I have . . .”
Deputy: “We don’t know who you are. How do we know if you’ve got a warrant?”
Teytlebaum: “I’m asking you, do I have a warrant? I fled because I thought I had a child support warrant. What the f***?”
Deputy: “That doesn’t give you an excuse to run.”
Teytlebaum: “Yes, it do!”

Now there are things to be said about young men not being responsible sexually but that’s not the big thing here.

Note that the reason why this guy took off was because he thought he had a warrant against him.

From what I’ve seen of these type of stories over the years, many which end up with activists marching and crying racism, the one thing that you see in common is that the people who are fleeing from the police tend to have warrants against them so they know if they submit to a police check the warrant will turn up and they will be heading to jail.

So they run, hoping they will get away and avoid jail. For most of them it’s a forlorn hope but for just a few they will end up martyred to the cause of leftism and elevated to sainthood by the left to attack police.

Personally I don’t think it’s worth it.