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In some Conservative circles Libertarians are not too popular. The reverse is also true.  For quite a while I’ve been at a loss for why this is true.  I’ve studied both political philosophies in great detail, and they are very similar.  The adherents of both camps share more than 90 percent of the same key beliefs. 

Individual Rights and Individual Liberty are cornerstones of both Libertarianism and Conservativism.  That is the direct opposite of all leftist philosophies, whether it be Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism, Fascism, or Communism.  All those Collectivist philosophies place thr supreme value of the State over the individual.

Free Market Capitalism is another cornerstone of both Conservatism and Libertarianism.  Contrast that with the socialist economic policies of the Democratic Party.

Both Conservatives and Libertarians truly value the Constitution and founding principles of the United States.  Democrats despise both of these.

Rather than unite against our leftist common enemies, we Conservatives and Libertarians seem to be engaged in a low level guerilla war on social media.  This has bothered me for quite a while.  Just the other day I finally realized why this is taking place. 

At the root of this conflict is the fact that far too many individuals who identify as Libertarians have no idea what the word actually means.  Some identify as a Libertarian because they think the words sounds cool.  Others identify as Libertarians because they have a distorted understanding of this philosophy.

Many who identify as Libertarian believe that it a watered down version of Liberalism or Progressivism. That is most untrue.  If you plot all political philosophies on a graph, Libertarianism is even further to the right than Conservatism because Libertarians place more of emphasis on individual liberty.

The concept of liberty is at the very core of the Libertarian philosophy.  Liberty does not equal freedom, although freedom is at the root of liberty.  If you combine responsibility with freedom, then you get liberty.

The framers of the Constitution defined liberty as the freedom to do as you wish as long as you do no harm to any other individual, or interfere with the rights of another individual.  It is freedom with the responsibility to do no harm to others.  Libertarians must respect the rights of all other individuals.

The framers of the Constitution considered Individual Liberty to be the very bedrock of our constitutional republic.  Our Constitution was written to protect the liberty of every individual American. 

A true Libertarian believes that protecting the lives and liberty of every individual are the only valid powers of any level of government, if governments do more then they will trample the liberty of individuals.

To prevent a libertarian society from descending into violence and chaos, individuals must restrain themselves.  Christian morality was believed by the framers of the Constitution to be the perfect mechanism to achieve this, as long as no individuals were forced to join a religion.

For a society to functions and thrive there must exist social and cultural institutions.  Libertarians believe that governments must play no role in these institutions, they must be voluntary.  According to what I’ve seen, Conservatives believe that governments and laws should play a role in protecting institutions.  It is a minor issue of disagreement.

The family is one of the most important institutions.  Anything that is harmful to the family must be discouraged and fought against.  Libertarians and Conservatives should make this a common cause.

Progressivism is about using all levels of government to force their beliefs on everyone.  That violates the liberty of every individual.  The belief system of progressives is extremely hostile to the social and cultural institutions that are necessary. Conservatives and Libertarians should join forces to preserve these social and cultural institutions, especially the family.

The Transgender Ideology of Progressives is one of the belief systems that Progressives are using all levels of government to cram down the throats of all Americans.  It is a belief system that is harmful to social and cultural institutions.  It is most harmful to children who are being indoctrinated into believing they are the wrong gender. 

As a Libertarian I believe individuals have a right to identify as what ever they want to.  However, no one has a right to force me, or any other individual, to play along with any other individual’s delusions.  Using government to force all of society to play along is wrong and anti-liberty.

I’m almost 100 percent sure that single sex bathrooms, and similar facilities, were set up by social compact, and then later codified into laws.  It was done for the safety, privacy, and modesty of the female sex.  Progressives are using government force to overturn this, against the wishes of the vast majority of individuals.

I am a true Libertarian.  I have a great many Conservative friends.  I constantly talk politics with them.  We agree well over 90 percent of the time.  When we don’t we both respect each other’s point of view.  We are united against Progressivism, and all other collectivist philosophies.  With the Democrats destroying the United States, I suggest other Conservatives and Libertarians should follow my lead. 

It is obvious to everyone that we live in a dangerously polarized political climate.  The left side of the political spectrum has demonstrated a remarkable hostility to anyone expressing political views that conflict with their Marxist ideologies.  All too often progressives. and other leftists, greet individuals espousing different political beliefs with anger, verbal abuse, and even threats of violence.

I have experienced this personally far too many times.  About ten years ago I came out of the closet politically as a Libertarian to my best friend of over twenty years, who is an ultra-liberal, in a public place.  My friend had no problem at that time with my confession.  Another person who overheard our conversation did take extreme offense.  After my friend left, that other person got in my face and berated me about my political views, going as far as to threaten me with violence.  My friendship with my best friend came crashing down several years later, months after we became Facebook friends, because he could not handle me posting my beliefs on social media.  He turned every post I made into an all-out war, full of ugly personal attacks. I never returned the favor because I had no problem with him sharing his political beliefs.

Since then, I have lost many close friends for the same reasons.  A startling number of friendships never got off the ground because they could not tolerate my right-wing beliefs.  This led me to be cautious when I comes to sharing my political beliefs, until I discern that that individual is a fellow right winger.  I have now realized that that was a major mistake.  I let these intolerant liberals intimidate me into silence.

Over the past weekend I was in the middle of a large group of individuals, with mixed political views, when the person behind started bad mouthing Biden.  Thus began a very boisterous political discussion between two outspoken right wingers.  I shared my Libertarian views with my new political comrade.  He agreed with my views because it turns out that he is a fellow Libertarian. 

A woman I knew to be a staunch progressive, who was sitting quite a distance away, approached me with a great many questions.  She really liked what I had said.  It had caused her to reexamine her political belief system.  It may take many more conversations, but she may end up becoming a fellow Libertarian.

I will never hesitate again when it comes to sharing my political beliefs with anyone.

Last week I talked about how playing with language is a sure sign that something isn’t working out.

Well it looks like the left is going to need new words again:

“Being described as a progressive, on the other hand, is a positive for 22% of voters and a negative for 34%, with 41% seeing it in between,” Rasmussen said.

“But in the previous survey, voters were evenly divided, with 29% saying progressive was a positive description and 28% describing it as a negative.

“This marks a continuing downward trend for progressive which little over three years ago was slightly more popular than conservative.”

And remember they started saying “Progressive” because “liberal” wasn’t popular.

Let’s see, can’t say liberal, can’t say progressive, no wonder communist and socialist is coming back.