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A Godsend for the Democrats

Posted: March 24, 2023 by datechguy in Uncategorized
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With the whole “Trump Indictment” business turning from a welcome distraction from bank failures, Ukraine failures and economic failures to an exercise if leftist incompetence the Democrat left needs some good news.

They’re about to get some:

Now in one respect this is good and Reade is pleased to have her day

Now you might consider it odd that I would describe this as a Godsend for Democrats but you forget something.

When this stuff first began to come out Joe Biden was both hiding in his basement and running for President against an incumbent Donald Trump, The last thing the left needed was anything resembling a credible case that their candidate for president sexually assaulted anybody.

But now Democrats are scared to death of Biden running for re-election and need an excuse, ANY excuse to nudge old Joe out of the race before the primaries. This is a problem because while not much is working upstairs for President Biden these days he does still remember where 50 years of bodies are buried so people aren’t anxious to go up against him.

This however is just the type of thing that can be used to make trouble and give people a face saving excuse to look elsewhere if the Democrats choose to use it.

Watch the media closely. How they react to this story when it happens will tell you if the decision to dump old joe has been made.

I keep seeing this poll and that poll that the Democrats are thinking of replacing Joe Biden on the ticket for the nomination. This entire argument reminds me of the great debate on sports radio locally concerning the New England Patriots and 2nd year quarterback Jarrett Stidham.

Stidham was drafted last year as Tom Brady’s quarterback backup and once Brady signed with Tampa Bay, there was speculation that New England would sign one of the available QB’s out there from Cam Newton Jameis Winston or even trade up in the draft in the hopes of getting a new QB this year.

But Bill Belichick decided to stand pat. After all he had struck paydirt with a 6th round pick who turned out to be the greatest QB of all time, and two of his recent QB drafts had started for the Colts and 49ers last year so my not go with the young arm?

But the real question to me come down to: “How much better would the Patriots be in 2020 with an expensive free agent who would have to learn the system that Stidham has been training in for a year?”

I suspect the answer is, not much if at all.

And that brings us to Joe Biden.

There are plenty of reasons why it would be tough for Democrats to pull Biden post Tara Reade:

  • Overturning a series of elections
  • Upsetting vital black voters who turned out in force for Biden
  • Causing a divided convention
  • Risking an un-vetted nominee or worse Bernie Sanders

All of these are valid reasons for the Democrats to stand part, particularly when you see prominent democrat women saying that they thought Biden did it, but will vote for him anyways.

But beyond that the real question is the same one that the Patriots had to ask with Stidham: “Will a replacement do any better in the fall?”

In my opinion the honest answer to that question is: No.

The Democrats will lose just as badly with Biden as they will with anyone else, so they’d might as well stick with fast hands Joe. At least that’s where they are now.

As long as that is the Democrat equation, Joe Biden stays.

On tonight’s livestream podcast we talk about the reaction to the Joe Biden Tara Reade story finally breaking into the MSM and the apparent “shoot someone of 5th avenue moment it’s become for the left.

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