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With Tom Brady now retired I wrote about the expectations game for Brady and Tampa Bay and concluded that Tom Brady had met his expectations and Tampa Bay had exceeded theirs.

Now let’s look at the Patriots:

IN the Pre-Brady years the New England Patriots/ Boston Patriots

  • Had a winning record 55% of the time
  • won 11 or more game (10 in a 14 game season) 14.6% of the time
  • won their division 12% of the time
  • made the playoffs 24% of the time
  • won a playoff game 9.7% of the time
  • went to a championship game 7% of the time winning 0%

In the three years that the Patriots have played Post Brady they have

  • Had a winning record 33% of the time ( 1 of 3 seasons)
  • won 11 or more game (10 in a 14 game season) 0% of the time
  • won their division 0% of the time
  • made the playoffs 33% of the time (1 of 3 seasons)
  • won a playoff game 0% of the time
  • went to a championship game 0% of the time

Or as I put it at the time based on their pre-brady years any season the Patriots…

  • Have a winning record: should be considered OK
  • Win 11 games: should be considered a success
  • Win their division: should be considered a big success
  • Make the playoffs: should considered a huge success.
  • Win a playoff game: should be considered an spectacular success
  • Go to the Superbowl: should be considered an extraordinary success
  • Win a Superbowl: should be considered a Miracle

Of course with the new expanded playoffs “Make the playoffs” should likely be reduced to “a success”

By my count they have managed one successful season so far without Brady.

There is no adjustment here for Belichick as coach and given his 25 and 25 since Brady has left such an adjustment would not be justified.

Tom Brady has once again retired from Football, this time at the age of 45 as he said he would.

This makes an opportune time to judge if his time in Tampa should be considered a success. First let’s consider it in terms of: “Was it a success for Tampa Bay”?

As I wrote previously before Brady this was Tampa Bay’s History:

  • Had a winning record 30% of the time (13 seasons)
  • Won 11 or more games 7% of the time (3 seasons 1999,2002,2005)
  • Won their division 12% of the time (1970,1981, 1999,2002,2005,2007)
  • Made the playoffs 23% of the time (10 seasons)
  • Won at least 1 playoff game 9% of the time (1979,1997,1999,2002)
  • Won the Superbowl 2% (100% of the times they went 2002)

With Brady Tampa Bay…

  • Had a winning record 67% of the time (2 seasons)
  • Won 11 or more games 67% of the time (2 seasons)
  • Won their division 67% of the time (2 seasons)
  • Made the playoffs 100% of the time (3 seasons)
  • Won at least 1 playoff game 67% of the time (2 seasons)
  • Won the Superbowl 33% of the time (100% of the time)

By any standard for Tampa Bay the Tom Brady Years were the most successful time in their history. It is unlikely to be repeated.

Now let’s look at things from the Tom Brady standard or rather by the Tom Brady standard after age 40 In the 3 years a 40 year old Tom Brady played with the Pats he:

  • Had a winning record 100% of the time
  • Won at least 12 games 67% of the time (at least 11 100%)
  • Won his division 100% of the time
  • Made the playoffs 100% of the time
  • Won at least 1 playoff game 67% of the time
  • Gone to the Superbowl 67% of the time
  • Won the Superbowl 33% of the time

Here is how he did with Tampa Bay in his three years to age 45.

  • Had a winning record 67% of the time
  • Won at least 12 games 33% of the time (at least 11 67%)
  • Won his division 67% of the time
  • Made the playoffs 100% of the time
  • Won at least 1 playoff game 67% of the time
  • Gone to the Superbowl 33% of the time
  • Won the Superbowl 33% of the time

By the Tom Brady standard he had a small drop in performance

Here were the expectations I set at the time of his signing:

  • Tampa Bay Should expect to have a winning record 100% of the time Fail
  • Tampa Bay Should expect to win at least 10 games 67% of the time (Success)
  • Tampa Bay Should expect to make the playoffs 67% of the time (Exceeded expectations)
  • Tampa Bay Should expect to win at least one playoff game 67% of the time (Success)
  • They should expect to win their division at least 33% of the time (Exceeded expectations)
  • They should make the NFC Championship game at least once (Exceeded expectations and they one one Superbowl)

Bottom line, Tampa Bay and Tom Brady can hold their head up high. He delivered for them and they delivered for him.

As for the Patriots…well that another story.

Got my first oil bill for the season, it was for 60% of a tank but was higher than the bills for a full tank in years past.

That’s bad enough but thanks to the Biden peak the overtime that I usually get at this time of year that could have helped to pay these increased bills has turned into days off, in fact I was offered today off because volume is so down.

Nothing like getting the economy that you vote for.

Sports radio is all a flutter about where Tom Brady might land next year when his contract with Tampa Bay is over.

What’s most interesting about this conversation is it differs greatly from what we were hearing three years ago.

Back then a fair amount of sports writers were wondering aloud if Brady was worth a contract, if he might be too old or all done.

Now he is 45 and I’ve yet to hear a single person on the radio claim that a 45 year old Tom Brady is not worth signing.

The NHL has gone all in with the transgender mental illness (that’s what it is) and sponsored a game of transgender players playing each other.

Unfortunately biology doesn’t care about your mental illness so when one of the “woman” made a perfectly legal hit on one of the “men” that “man” ended up with a concussion.

There was a time when people were willing to speak up about this kind of thing and when sports organizations didn’t play these games but the watchword for the day is “cowardice”.

On that same subject let me give men who are looking for a potential wife some advice. Show your bride candidate this tweet:

The perfect “Should this woman be the mother of your children?” test.

If her reaction is anything other than revulsion then run like you were being chased by the very devil himself because you do not under any circumstances want a woman who approves of this to be the mother of your children.

In fact that’s a pretty solid rule on marriage, treat any potential spouse as auditioning for the role of mother or father of your children and if they don’t pass the audition drop them quickly.

Life is too short to waste on such people.

Finally just got the word that the South Side Grille and Margarita Factory will be Closing for good shortly. It along with Happy Jacks (formally the Boarder Grille) had been around long before I was married. I’d gone there before I had a family, after I had a family with my little kids for their magic shows and with my teenage and adult sons. We were so much a part of the place that one year they invited my family to the employee Christmas party.

They survived all that the world could throw at them for 35+ years but could not survive two years of the Joe Biden Presidency.

Elections have consequences and stolen elections even greater ones.

The St. Louis Cardinals were up 2-0 in the top of the 9th of game 1 when a graphic came up on the screen saying that the Cardinals had never lost a postseason game when up 2-0 in the ninth. The Phillies ended up scoring 6 runs winning the game and the series.

Yesterday the Astros were up 5-0 going into the 4th when on the screen came a graphic saying the Houston Astros have never lost a postseason game when up by five. The Phillies tied the game by the 5th and won in extra innings.

As Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over till it’s over”.

As of yesterday Justin Verlander who got a no-decision in yesterday’s game is 0-7 in World Series play and holds the highest ERA of pitchers with more than 30 innings pitched in World Series history.

I find that rather incredible. Verlander is without question a first ballot hall of famer1. He led the league in Wins, ERA WHIP and hits per 9 innings last year With 244 wins he has an actual chance of getting to the 300 win mark and if you watch him pitch over the years the person who most comes to mind in terms of style is Curt Schilling. Throws strikes and strikes out a ton of guys, walks very few but on the down side gives up HR’s and doubles on occasion to guys who can make contact.

Yet Schilling is legendary in World Series 4-1 with two more rings (3) than Verlander (1).

Given the similarity of stuff, style and grit I just can’t see how Verlander and Schilling produce such different results in World Series play.

Of course if Hoston wins this series nobody will be talking about or worrying about Verlander’s series stats except Verlander.

1Subject of course to having acceptable political beliefs in the eyes of the liberal sports media

How DARE Tom Brady decide to honor his contract and all those fans who bought season tickets to watch him play this year! No wonder his wife left him!

Gisele will of course land on her feet. She’s much richer than him and will have no shortage of a choice of rich accomplished men who will want her to choose from.

That she would break up their family over a season of football when Brady had stated that he would be playing through age 45 for years and for which he had a contract to play, is to me a narcissism on a huge scale. Would it really have been that hard to wait three more months?

This goes to show that wealth and fame does not guarantee happiness.

It’s day three of the Musk Era on Twitter and if you want to see the difference in real terms here it is explained in one tweet:

I’ve never got beyond 3500+ followers myself despite questioning Trump at press conferences and long interviews with Ted Cruz and some serious coverage of presidential campaigns and given that the blog is not of the scale it once was I likely will never reach the numbers other have but I’ve always presumed that was on me.

A lot of people think the return of Donald Trump to Twitter will be the sign that the era of censorship will be done. The moment I’m waiting for is different.

I use tweetdeck and because I follow Stacy McCain so closely I kept a column of his tweets up. On the day he was suspended the error messages: User has been suspended came up.

Stacy had 80,000+ followers at the time and his blog is his primary source of income. This was a direct attack on a conservative with six children’s ability to support his family by a bunch of leftist apparatchiks out to crush dissent and was the herald of what cumulated in the banning of Trump

Rather than remove the @rsmccain column I’ve left it there all those years and every time I open tweetdeck the “User has been suspended” message has come up and it refreshes several times an hour while I’m on the page.

When that column is populated again then I’ll know that free speech has returned to twitter.