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…as King Charles the Pious (peace be upon him)declares concerning the Rush stuff:

The quote is disputed, but it has not been proven false.

Tough words concerning an honorary lizardoid.

So now we have to prove that someone never said anything rather than provide a link or a quote. After all we can’t prove that he didn’t sing this in his shower one day. Noted Cherry Picker Tim Blair quotes from Mark Stein but I think this quote from the same link is more significant:

when I began guest-hosting for Rush, I was amazed to discover that George Soros pays a team of stenographers, many of them called Zachary, to work their tippy-tappy fingers to the bone for three hours transcribing everything Rush or his fill-ins say in the hope that their efforts will one day be rewarded and he will deliver the big career-detonating soundbite. Among the afficionados of this service are, as I discovered recently, America’s “newspaper of record,” which faithfully follows the George Soros typing pool and dutifully plasters any potentially damaging bon mot on page one.

And, aside from all that, 20 million people are out there listening.

If this had any truth about it do you think it would only be coming up in the context of buying a NFL franchise? This would have been trumped from the MSM everywhere years ago. This as you might recall is the same argument I made weeks ago concerning his slander of Robert Stacy McCain:

Apparently the importance to expose that racist, neo confederate and White supremacist Evil that is Robert Stacy McCain was so great that Charles waited until Robert Stacy McCain posted 5,071 entries on his blog on his blog before exposing him.

He was so outraged by Glenn Reynolds linking to him that he waited until his 21st instalance (yes that’s 20 instalances more than me, feel free to suggest to Glenn that I deserve another) to denounce him for it. Apparently he wanted to give Glenn every chance to change his mind.

and Robert Stacy asked a similar question at his own blog.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was saying this:

Q: What are the three most harmful developments for the liberal agenda in history?

A: The Personal Computer , The Affordable Digital Camera, and the Internet because it makes it impossible to hide stuff

Apparently according to King Charles the Pious (peace be upon him) that same standard is not true when it comes to Rush. It IS possible to hide stuff, the same guy who was able to find the pictures and signs of Fauxphotography declares it unnecessary to even try to verify this stuff. That’s because there is no there there, he can’t even come up with dubious links this time.

Speaking of Cynthia Yockey back in September she said this:

Then I had another thought: isn’t it a remarkable coincidence that CJ began his vendetta against Stacy just after Stacy and Dan Riehl succeeded in shutting down the foremost lying liar Leftie bloggers who were the origins of so many lies about Gov. Sarah Palin? Just as Gov. Palin put herself in a position to fight their libels by stepping down — the grounds for libel are different for private citizens — and just as Dan Riehl and Stacy McCain proved that unflattering amounts of sunshine were going to flood down upon the blogs and lives of the lying liar anti-Palin bloggers — suddenly Stacy McCain is under relentless and groundless attack.

Hmmmmm, I thought to myself. Hmmmmmmm.

So I called Stacy to tell him I was planning to write a post asking whether Charles Johnson is being paid to conduct this campaign by Obama’s post-election minions, Organizing for America, and he told me he didn’t think so.

I said before he reminded me of an aunt of mine who was running of of people to talk to as she dropped people in the six degree style.

However the Global warming stuff is science, stuff that can actually be measured and King Charles the Pious (peace be upon him) claims to a patron of the sciences:

So as the evidence has changed to a degree that the Climate Change correspondent for the BBC actually questioned Global Warming Charles Johnson has managed to be convinced in the other direction.

What is one to think?

I think the fight is over and Robert Stacy has won, Charles has jumped the shark so far that the round by round stuff isn’t worth my time or the prospective hits one might get from it. Johnson’s positions are not supportable and can’t stand scrutiny. They are no longer worthy of serious consideration…

…but they are still worthy or ridicule so in that spirit…

Last month I had a poll concerning Charles motivations with Robert Stacy. So lets start a new poll.

Update: Added link and quote

Update 2: You know was it not even two months ago that King Charles the Pious derided the conservative blogosphere for the standard they used to condemn Van Jones?

When this “news” came out, I spent hours searching the web for any corroboration at all in Jones’ own words that he believes the 9/11 attacks were a conspiracy by the US government.

Apparently the “hours on the web standard” doesn’t apply to Rush Limbaugh honorary lizardoid.

But Charles insists he is a Racist ,
And Charles is a reputable blogger…

Update 3: Looks like the left is dancing like the White Witch in front of the stone alter but be careful what you celebrate.

This is going to be a big mess for a lot of people, and none of them are Rush.

Andrew Breitbart said this on Big Government:

Everything you needed to know about the unorthodox roll out of the now-notorious ACORN sting videos was hidden in plain sight in my Sept. 7 column, “Katie Couric, Look in the Mirror.” ACORN was not the only target of those videos; so were Katie, Brian, Charlie and every other mainstream media pooh-bah.

When you read the whole thing you realize how successful this has been. Acorns defenders in the print media are now forced to make their defense to a public that has seen the videos and Jay Leno and John Stewart mockery of Acorn has left guys like Errol Lewis in effect asking readers: “Who are you going to believe? Me or your own eyes?”

The media is now on the spot and choices had to be made. The Washington post chose to go after the filmmakers as it was very hard to go after the film.

Michael Barone commented:

The Post, like almost all of “mainstream media,” waddled in late on this story. I remember one time in the 1980s when the Wall Street Journal beat the Post was beaten on a story based on public information in Montgomery County, Maryland, court files. Ben Bradlee, the executive editor of the Post at the time, did not whine as New York Times managing editor Jill Abramson did on the ACORN story about how the bureau was short-staffed and, gee, it’s hard to stay on top of every story. Bradlee was furious—scooped in our own backyard!—and as I recall heads fell. But that was then and this is now. “Mainstream media” is complacent about suppressing a story that is embarrassing to the Obama administration and the Democratic party, and its response after getting scooped is to waddle in with attempts to discredit it. Pathetic.

The AP wasn’t far behind playing defense as they attempt to make excuses for Acorn:

ACORN has portrayed its problems as the unfortunate work of a few employees. In the best case, that suggests it made bad hires and gave them poor training and supervision. But when the founder of a national organization admits attempting to keep quiet his brother’s theft of more than $900,000, it’s a sign that ACORN’s problems may rise high and run deep.

How did ACORN wind up in this mess? Did it simply grow too big for its own good?

Oh I see poor Acorn betrayed by their own success. Peg’s (proudly banned from lgf yesterday) personal friends at Powerline (proudly banned from little green footballs last week) had this to say:

The AP takes the cue and puts the words in O’Keefe’s mouth. It’s quite a racket they’ve got going here, and someone really should call them on it.

They actually contacted the Washington post before putting up their entry and are still waiting a response.

Between this and the Van Jones issue the media is now faced with a choice: Unwavering defense of the administration or to act like, you know reporters.

This week George Stephanopolis made that choice and caught the president totally by surprise:

Save money on your state-mandated auto insurance with GEICO? Pass your signature legislation while holding the White House, a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and a 70+ seat majority in the House? Obtusely obfuscate the lawyerly difference between a dollar seized by the government through fine and a dollar appropriated by the government by tax? Confuse the practical utility of automobile liability insurance and health insurance?

Now, technically Obama is right in the Stephanopolis interview. A fine is not a tax. The net effect is the same but he’s the kind of technically right you might expect a Constitutional lawyer to be on this issue. He’s stuck on the hot seat, though, because he’d look like a dick nattering about what kind revenue generating bill originates in which house of Congress. So deny it, impugn Merriam Webster (a fine, upstanding woman I’m told), and misdirect with a fallacious comparison to state-mandated auto liability insurance.

Who’s the genius that cooked up that line of reasoning? It’s a flawed argument for a couple of obvious reasons.

This wasn’t a confrontational interview but that was an actual challenging question, the type that I used to hear reporters ask decades ago, and this president couldn’t handle it. I thought the guy was supposed to be the Liberal Ronald Reagan?

Morning Joe is all over the Steph clip today, it’s news but the real news is that he followed up. I submit that he would not be doing that if it wasn’t for the Acorn Tapes, Andrew Breitbart, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles. That is the real news. The combination of Van Jones and Acorn are going to force the media to be either advocates or reporters and in at least some cases they are choosing to be reporters.

Related: This howler from Newsbusters:

But check out Tom Rosenstiel (formerly of Newsweek and the L.A. Times) gritting his rhetorical teeth at Alexander’s point even as he calls the liberal media “non-ideological”:

It “can’t be discounted,” said Tom Rosenstiel, director of the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. “Complaints by conservatives are slower to be picked up by non-ideological media because there are not enough conservatives and too many liberals in most newsrooms.”

“They just don’t see the resonance of these issues. They don’t hear about them as fast [and] they’re not naturally watching as much,” he added.

The “non-ideological media” have “too many liberals in most newsrooms”?

Expect a lot more of this. The worm has turned.

…Glenn Reynolds links false conspiracy theory suggesting 500k plus people at 9/12 march:

What can we take away from this exercise? Here are the main points:

* The estimate widely used in the legacy media is not from an authoritative source, and it isn’t even consistent with itself: “full back to 3rd Street” is around 250,000 by Park Sevice methods, not a quarter of that.
* Many estimates, using different assumptions and different methods, arrived at numbers well into the hundreds of thousands.
* This is clearly consistent with the panoramic photo that we can source reliably.
* With everything above, and with several more estimates, I don’t think there is a plausible argument for any total attendance figure much less that 500,000 to 600,000. That is, nearly ten times the reported attendance.

How much does this matter? It’s hard to say. It might be that a precise number isn’t needed, and at any rate it may not be possible to get a good one. What we can say is that the number being reported is wildly wrong. Wildly too small.In any case, the number that will really matter is the count at the polls in 2010 and 2012. Given this, I’d say that any politicians who hope to retain their jobs better look very carefully at that panoramic photo — and remember.

Sounds like a Glenn Beck fan to me, if only he based his posts on more credible sources, such as Press releases from Color of Change or Acorn.

Update fixed the block quote and added the fun catagory, I’m going to be laughing a lot today.

Update 2: I have it! He’s a 9/12 crowd truther!

How do you know the Acorn story is getting Big? MSNBC (well morning joe) decided to cover it. They played clips of the films and beat their breasts over not covering the story.

It was the 6 o’clock hour but but with yesterday’s Morning Meeting it was a start.

The question is would it have been covered if it hadn’t been for the Senate vote? And would that vote have every happened if it wasn’t for “Those Damn Pictures?” I suspect that senators wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to change votes if it wasn’t for the video:

More and more Democrats signed onto the amendment, and votes started changing. One male voice could be heard in the chamber saying, “I want to change my vote!” Among those who changed their votes: Tom Udall (D-NM), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), and Herb Kohl (D-WI).

Rats off a sinking ship. Thomas Nast apparently lives and post regularly at Big Government and the Machine had best beware.

Update: He brings it up in hour two and Chuck Todd pooh pooh Van Jones as a minor player. Joe is having none of it and promises to bring it up again on the radio with Todd.

Update 2: Charlie Gibson will need another Palin interview to recover from this.

Update 3:
Welcome Michelle Malkin readers, take a look around, Get details on the Robert Stacy McCain/Charles Johnson brawl and why McCain is the richest man in the blogosphere, Discover the 1% rule, find why President Obama gets two thumbs up and will never send troops against tea party protesters, if Hannah Giles Bikini photos will get you a bunch of hits on your blog and read my reviews of Michelle’s Culture of Corruption and Newt’s latest novel due out next month.

Update 4: Michele gives Norah O’Donnell a history lesson.

Update 5: Oh that explains it. Michelle Malkin’s top story was linked directly by Rush and My link is the first trackback on her page. No wonder my hits are through the roof. So welcome fellow dittoheads take a look around. If you are football fans take a peek at my review of That First Season: How Vince Lombardi Took the Worst Team in the NFL and Set It on the Path to Glory due out October 15th. See when the worm started to Turn on the President months ago. Find the purpose of his speech last week, Discover why Sarah Palin is “She who must not be quoted” and is also the next Ted Kennedy (in a good way), discover why a death panel is actually Council guidance and see what candidate the people who brought you Tom Ridge is thinking of (don’t be drinking when you click on the link) and have you heard this one? It’s a Killer!

Oh I tend to be an early riser and I’m one of those rare Massachusetts conservatives so check back tomorrow for some links and commentary. Oh and if you need remote computer tech support I’m your man and can fix your machine right from where I sit.