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I think I’ll take Victoria Jackson over Lady Gaga.

Particularly since one is actually pays a real cost for that opinion

I first became political when I was trying to explain to my Christian Progressive friends Marianne and Bob that they shouldn’t vote for O because his background is Marxist. They would not listen. They wouldn’t even discuss the issues with me. They don’t want to hear any facts.

My friend Connie told me, “Two words Jackson. Career suicide.” Some things are more important than careers. God and freedom to worship Him. If Obama stays in power and we don’t flip the house Nov. 2, freedom to worship will be taken away. Communist countries do not allow it because citizens must worship the state and you can’t worship God and the state. You have to choose one.

Maybe it’s the end times, but I don’t think Jesus wants me to just sit by the window until the trumpet sounds. VJ

Well, I guess I’ll go sunbathe some more. I don’t have any work.

Lady Gaga’s anti-arizona rant requires no courage. It certainly won’t hurt her bookings. I also suspect there is less cocaine involved in the mix

The 24-year-old singer (real name: Stefani Germanotta) reveals she’s “terrified of heroin” but used to abuse “mostly cocaine.”

The pop star admits she still does drugs today, although she doesn’t specify which ones. “I won’t lie; it’s occasional,” she says in the magazine’s September issue. “And when I say occasional, I mean maybe a couple of times a year.”

Oh only a couple of times a year, well of course that makes all the difference.

You know its odd and a little embarrassing to talk about someone you’ve met and talked to bing naked. I’d much rather remind everyone what a nice lady she is and how good she looks with a fedora.

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What are the odds that Smitty & I will mention Victoria Jackson on the same day? I guess Victoria needs to mention implied nudity more often.

I wonder if it’s a requirement of Taxi Drivers in Washington DC that they all have to be wise and Godfearing:

Our taxi driver spoke in a thick Indian (from India) accent, “Where have you been?”

I responded, “The Tea Party!”

He didn’t say anything pro or con, so my curiosity asked him, “What do you think of Obama?”

He began gushing his disdain for the policies of the current administration. We spoke about the surge of government control, the irresponsible spending, the rising taxes which will cripple small business, destroy the middle class, and collapse our already weak economy, the lies, elitism, disappearing Freedom…and the hope of the November election. We got to the hotel and began disembarking the taxi. I fumbled for my money.

Standing in the middle of the dark street, a street lamp lighting his face, the Indian taxi driver said, “It reminds me of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego…”

It goes without saying that you should read the whole thing the nice lady wrote. It will remind you of this.

…because if I had joined the bus in NH I would have met Sarah Palin too!

Good thing Victoria is so nice or I’d be very jealous.

A very nice lady

Posted: April 17, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news, personal
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A side effect of my spontaneous trip on the tea party express was my decision to finally break down and get a cell phone. During a stop in a mall in Connecticut rather than eating I went to get a tracphone and a memory card for my camera.

I found myself in line behind a familiar face. The lady in question was busy purchasing a camera and for whatever reason the two young people behind the counter seemed to be moving very slowly on it.

At the sight of it I smiled. One of the side effects of finding yourself on the other side of the barriers is encountering the occasional person severely infected with the: “Do you know who I am?” syndrome, and others smug to the point of to the point of downright bigotry. But here at Radio Shack in Connecticut stood a person who has appeared in television and film not flaunting herself or her fame, but just being an another customer looking to find something.

It was a great pleasure to introduce myself noting “Of course you need no introduction.” At that point I looked at the two clerks, they couldn’t have been more that 20 and they had blank faces as they read off her credit card “Victoria Jackson“.

She turned to me smiling, “Before their time”, I smiled as well not mentioning that my two teenage boys both think she is very cool. As she walked back to her bus I turned to the clerks to get my items, they were busy goggling her to find out just who they were taking care of.

She joined the Axis of Fedora later in the day, always a plus, but I found myself very impressed later that evening during the Freedom works tea party. She was in great demand both on the stage and behind the camera. Reporters talking to her seemed to radiate the “I’m smarter than you” style that I dislike so. Yet she never declined and gave time to person after person. When a gentleman I interviewed asked if there was any chance of getting a photo with her. I took the liberty of asking her as a favor to do so. She was pulled in 12 different directions but at her first convenience came over to the barrier and let the incredibly excited fellow get a shot with her. I think that fellow’s day was made right then and there.

Later on I talked to her daughter, she is the same age as my oldest and had the pleasure of being impressed once again. This girl was no less a teenager than any other but just a little time showed that she was raised right. She is exactly the type of kid I want my kids to hang with.

I have heard people go on about how they would be so thrilled to hang with or drink with this celebratory or that, I think the highest complement I can give is to say, I wish her family lived on my street. She would make a good neighbor and good neighbors are worth my weight in gold.

Plus my teenage sons are jealous of me for the first time I remember. I owe you one Ms. Jackson.