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There has been a lot talk about Illegal Immigration and opposition to Mosques in the US lately. There have been plenty of people who have for political reasons been throwing the word “Racist” around. What these people don’t understand (at least I HOPE they don’t understand) is the reason why we see this much anger over these issues is because Illegal Immigration and Radical Islam both violate the implied American Social Compact.

This social compact represent the genius of America, it is why both the best and brightest and the poor and oppressed have come here. It’s a very simple thing. It works as follows:

1. You can come to America and make a better life for your children and grandchildren.

2. While you are here you can worship as you believe, think what you believe, write what you believe and bring up your children with your values.

3. You can embrace and lovingly reflect your native culture as you assimilate into American Culture

4. You can even over time become a US Citizen and vote how you believe as well.

5. In return we expect you to become American, You will learn the language as best you can and transfer your loyalty to this country.

6. You will obey the laws of the country. You will not work for its defeat or destruction.

7. Regardless of how you feel you will not act on any ethnic or religious grudges you had in the old country.

8. And you will carry your own load, we will provide education for your children and some assistance but you will do your best.

9. If you follow all of these conditions America will help you become the best you can be! And by doing so you will make America a better place.

When Mosques breed Jihadists they are violating this compact. When Mosques do not they are embracing it.

When Muslims practice honor killings in America it violates the compact, when Muslims march with Jews and Christians in 4th of July parades they embrace it.

When you come to America legally you embrace the compact, when you come illegally you reject it.

When come here and work hard to put your children through college in America you embrace it, when you come here illegally and expect your children to get in state tuition you reject it.

Americans understand that we are very lucky to be born here. I understand that I owe what I have to the decision by my grandparents to leave everything and come here from Sicily just over 100 years ago. What the majority of the country objects are people not only ignoring the compact that their ancestors lived by, but claiming to be victimized by those who pay for their safety net and protect the freedoms they enjoy here.

I don’t blame any person from moving heaven and earth to come here, particularly if their own country is plagued by violence, but if you come here and violate the law don’t complain when it is enforced.

Hey I know times are hard I’m on unemployment myself, but I also know that the money that is currently sustaining me is the generosity of the taxpayer and the votes of their representatives. The moment I feel I am entitled to their largess I am no longer worthy of it.

over the 14th amendment. There are actually 5 sections to this amendment. The irony here of course is the “why not just enforce the existing laws” instead of such “foolishness”

Why? For the same reason why Arizona felt compelled to pass their law, because the Federal Government hasn’t done it, and these same people who now say: “Just enforce the laws” Don’t favor them and don’t want them enforced.

To pretend that one side is playing politics with this issue and the other is not is disingenuous to say the least.

For those people in congress afraid of talking points memo might I suggest offering a new clean 28th Amendment as follows:

Section 1: Any child born after the adoption of this amendment of two non-citizens, those non-citizens being in the United States in violation of federal law, shall not be considered “born in the United States” for the purpose of determining citizenship.

Section 2: The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

Simple direct and to the point. Anybody want to sign on?

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I think I’ll take Victoria Jackson over Lady Gaga.

Particularly since one is actually pays a real cost for that opinion

I first became political when I was trying to explain to my Christian Progressive friends Marianne and Bob that they shouldn’t vote for O because his background is Marxist. They would not listen. They wouldn’t even discuss the issues with me. They don’t want to hear any facts.

My friend Connie told me, “Two words Jackson. Career suicide.” Some things are more important than careers. God and freedom to worship Him. If Obama stays in power and we don’t flip the house Nov. 2, freedom to worship will be taken away. Communist countries do not allow it because citizens must worship the state and you can’t worship God and the state. You have to choose one.

Maybe it’s the end times, but I don’t think Jesus wants me to just sit by the window until the trumpet sounds. VJ

Well, I guess I’ll go sunbathe some more. I don’t have any work.

Lady Gaga’s anti-arizona rant requires no courage. It certainly won’t hurt her bookings. I also suspect there is less cocaine involved in the mix

The 24-year-old singer (real name: Stefani Germanotta) reveals she’s “terrified of heroin” but used to abuse “mostly cocaine.”

The pop star admits she still does drugs today, although she doesn’t specify which ones. “I won’t lie; it’s occasional,” she says in the magazine’s September issue. “And when I say occasional, I mean maybe a couple of times a year.”

Oh only a couple of times a year, well of course that makes all the difference.

You know its odd and a little embarrassing to talk about someone you’ve met and talked to bing naked. I’d much rather remind everyone what a nice lady she is and how good she looks with a fedora.

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What are the odds that Smitty & I will mention Victoria Jackson on the same day? I guess Victoria needs to mention implied nudity more often.

Everybody is writing about the court ruling on the Arizona Law. On Morning Joe today they talked a little about the national political reaction.

On Morning Joe they briefly discussed the political impact of the ruling. Charles Blow of the NYT lived up to his name blowing smoke claiming it helps the White House while Mike Barnicle made an important point telling a story that MSNBC viewers likely never heard.

I have yet to see anyone point to the BIG effect this will have on the election. Not in 2010 (everyone knows that the Arizona Law helps republicans) but in 2012.

No matter who the Republican Nominee is they will be able to point to this ruling by a Clinton appointee, they will likely be able to point to a Supreme Court that will have every justice appointed by Barack Obama ruling against said law (Let’s not pretend Justice Sotomayor or a future justice Kagan will vote otherwise).

Abortion is usually the big gun (and don’t get me wrong I expect any republican appointee to be against abortion) but this is an argument that is going to resonate on 2012. Conservatives and tea party members should be making the point every time they make a stop that a vote for Obama is a vote to strike down the Arizona law in the supreme court.

If the ad isn’t already cut it oughta be.

Oh and the “Hispanic” vote is not monolithic on this issue no matter what Chuck Todd says on Morning Joe today.