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Steve Lee and his wife were selling Tea party swag at the Lincoln-Reagan event in Nashua Friday:

You can find his stuff at American Patriot Supplies.

Here are some videos from the day:

Before the crowd comes:

Jerry talked to me first

So Did Steve and Denise:

and Richard and Shirley:

And Linda:

I ran into Jen Caissie’s mom but didn’t know who she was when I started:

If you don’t know who Jen is here’s jen:

Since the left came to protest and unlike the tea party people decided to assault a driver who disagreed with them

The Media found the protesters interesting and the police stayed on top of them the entire time:

When things were done I talked to Ron:

And checked back with Jerry

It was a good little rally, not in the class of the Boston event but still effective. At least effective enough that it worried the left. Their actions during the pledge and the national anthem combined with the assault did more to hurt their cause than anything else.

Leftists nuts in VA too, at least they didn’t assault anyone.

Ed was my very last interview that I did in Washington

It’s really something to think that avg people like Ed here have the establishment quaking in their boots.

I talked to Cindy as she was leaving the 9/12 rally:

I only shot three crowd interviews at 9/12 because the sound system was so loud.