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…has been sworn in.

Just got back from the Alamo restaurant where I met a friend and mentor from my first computer job for lunch.

The food is good, not as spicy as I’m used to, but the portions were generous and the people pleasant and the ambiance enjoyable particular for a history buff. The tacos were less spicy but had a generous portion of meat and the Fajita was very tasty. I still prefer the Boarder Grille and Bar but I’d eat there again without hesitation.

During that very late lunch I told my friend the entire story of Stacy’s week here in Fitchburg. He was totally fascinated by it.

And then he told me about his Polling place in Sharon Mass. He is a very liberal man in a very liberal town that ended up going for Coakley. He and his wife shake their head when they know I watch Fox and listen to Rush:

When he went to the polling place there were a bunch of Brown supporters in the cold holding signs for their candidate.

There were a pile of Coakley signs leaning against the building facing down.

He was VERY surprised at the Brown win he couldn’t believe that he could pull it off. When I asked him if that’s because he thought democrats would turn out or because he thought it would be stolen if it was close, he demurred saying he thought national democrats wouldn’t allow it. Make of that what you will.

Because of the long story and a train cutting across Rte 117 on the way home I didn’t get to see the Brown swearing in on TV.

But now comes the time to govern. If he does so honestly and above board and makes sure people understand why he takes the positions he does, he will do fine.

Update: Oh and Robert Stacy is on the road again.

Yes, that’s right, folks. Despite the law-enforcement dragnet across Virginia and Tennessee — “Be on the lookout for a black 2004 KIA Optima . . .” – I have arrived at an undisclosed location in Birmingham. Political intrigue and shenanigans are afoot down here in God’s country, and I’ll be updating regularly.

While en route — 785 miles in 15 hours, including a two-hour nap in the car this morning at a rest area near Bristol, Tenn. – I had several phone conversations with Alabama political activists. I’m learning more about the scandals swirling around state attorney general Troy King. A parade of King’s aides have been called before a federal grand jury, and the “Truth On Troy” blog has more.

Down in the Wiregrass Country (2nd Congressional District), Tea Party candidate and Marine Corp veteran Rick Barber slammed the Obama administration’s proposal to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

I met Rick Barber during the Brown campaign, he was up north volunteering to help out. He seems a decent enough fellow. I’d have no problem voting for him. I’m not familar with his opponents in the primary to make a judgement on them.

Friday night as I awaited the arrival of Bill Clinton I struck up a conversation with two Chinese exchange students doing graduate work at WPI. Both had been the US for 6 months and absolutely love it. They both hope to be able to find jobs to stay here, if not they will go back to China.

There they stood, two young men from a country that is our greatest rival and one of our potential enemies both about to be only 10 yards from the man who exactly one decade prior was the most powerful person in the entire world.

After they started moving forward I talked to a union steward who was there to support Martha Coakley. As we were both Italian we talked and had an awful lot in common. It was a pleasure to share his company and we both commented on how great a country it was where two guys like us could be just a first down away from the former president. We agreed that if we told our grandparents this, they wouldn’t believe us.

It was even greater than than he knew.

Consider, ten yards from me a man who was once the most powerful in the world was going to ask me to do something, and I was going to refuse with absolutely no fear that he would attempt to compel me otherwise.

Today after Mass (yes Adrienne he’s coming with me don’t get your hopes up) we are off to Boston to see the most powerful man in the world who will ask, not order ask me to do something that he really wants me to do for the sake of an agenda that he really believes in…

As on Friday I will refuse. As on Friday I will do so with the safe assurance that he will not attempt to compel me nor order others to do so. In fact even if he DID order others to do so, I have the certainly they they would refuse such an order.

That is the greatness of America, that is the freedom of America, that is the compact between the government, represented by President Obama and the Governed, represented by me.

Today I will be in the presence of a politician that I considered unqualified for his position, a product of a corrupt Chicago machine. A man I have criticized and ridiculed many times in the past and likely will criticize and ridicule many more times in the future. I will also have the great honor to be in the presence of the elected leader of my country, my president. I see no conflict in any of those statements. That is America!

Update: The Obama rally has been pushed back a few hours, good thing too because there was plenty to post about this morning.

…could have had first hand reports from a Massachusetts vote of the various Brown/Coakley events without the expense of sending Roger Leo here.

Mind you his report was pretty good, but hey Tucker still available. $800 a week that’s all I ask for 40 hours+ work.

…that you really don’t get to follow other events and posts well in the process. You are too busy getting to the events, finding out stuff, composing posts in your head, and trying to get your stuff up in a timely manner to think about what might be cool on the net. I haven’t even had a chance to look at Robert Stacy’s video he shot at the North End Brown Rally or his Worcester coverage.

Oddly enough the Washington times reporter in the background on Stacy’s first film filed her report on the Clinton Rally from my dining room table last night.

It’s an interesting but odd life that these reporter types lead.

Personally I think the action at events involves not so much the event as the people around it. Just watching people’s reactions and keeping your ears open in a crowded hall or a busy street.

For example at the Bill Clinton event in Worcester at the end while I waited for my son to attempt to get the president autograph (in vain) I stood quietly next to some much better dressed men from the Coakley Campaign who were apparently talking to Union guys from out of state. The gist was that the “Cavalry was coming” and they talked with the quiet confidence of gamblers who know which boxer is going to take a dive.

In my two days of travels and week of asking ordinary people about the race, that was the only thing I have seen and heard that suggests anything positive for Attorney General Martha Coakley chances.

After hearing that I couldn’t help but think about yet another passage from Tip O’Neill’s autobiography Man of the House:

…Several years later, Joe Conners, the election commissioner, confirmed my suspicions. He told me that they were sitting around at five in the morning, counting the ballots. “Curley was licked,” said Joe, “and we couldn’t let that happen. So we transposed the figures.”

“What the hell,” Curley had said. “They’re not going to protest it. It would mean a big fight, and that would hurt the party. They can’t afford to raise a stink.”

He was right. The next day, we were all set to go before the Ballot Law Commission and demand a recount. But before we could register a protest, Paul Deer, our candidate for governor, came to see me. “Listen,” he said “the party is already in bad shape. If we who people we’re a bunch of thieves, it will destroy us. In the name of party unity, please drop the fight.”

It was his answer to that request that began his path to the Speakership of the Massachusetts House and the long national career that followed.

Could something like that happen this time? Well it isn’t 1948 and the net changes a lot of things, quite a few eyes out there. I’m sure attorney general Martha Coakley would not be privy to any such thing…

…and anyway this is an election for a Federal Office so I’m sure that US attorney general Eric Holder would give the case the same diligence that he has given other election irregularity cases.

Update: These guys aren’t just whistling dixie:

1948 anyone? via instapundit.