…has been sworn in.

Just got back from the Alamo restaurant where I met a friend and mentor from my first computer job for lunch.

The food is good, not as spicy as I’m used to, but the portions were generous and the people pleasant and the ambiance enjoyable particular for a history buff. The tacos were less spicy but had a generous portion of meat and the Fajita was very tasty. I still prefer the Boarder Grille and Bar but I’d eat there again without hesitation.

During that very late lunch I told my friend the entire story of Stacy’s week here in Fitchburg. He was totally fascinated by it.

And then he told me about his Polling place in Sharon Mass. He is a very liberal man in a very liberal town that ended up going for Coakley. He and his wife shake their head when they know I watch Fox and listen to Rush:

When he went to the polling place there were a bunch of Brown supporters in the cold holding signs for their candidate.

There were a pile of Coakley signs leaning against the building facing down.

He was VERY surprised at the Brown win he couldn’t believe that he could pull it off. When I asked him if that’s because he thought democrats would turn out or because he thought it would be stolen if it was close, he demurred saying he thought national democrats wouldn’t allow it. Make of that what you will.

Because of the long story and a train cutting across Rte 117 on the way home I didn’t get to see the Brown swearing in on TV.

But now comes the time to govern. If he does so honestly and above board and makes sure people understand why he takes the positions he does, he will do fine.

Update: Oh and Robert Stacy is on the road again.

Yes, that’s right, folks. Despite the law-enforcement dragnet across Virginia and Tennessee — “Be on the lookout for a black 2004 KIA Optima . . .” – I have arrived at an undisclosed location in Birmingham. Political intrigue and shenanigans are afoot down here in God’s country, and I’ll be updating regularly.

While en route — 785 miles in 15 hours, including a two-hour nap in the car this morning at a rest area near Bristol, Tenn. – I had several phone conversations with Alabama political activists. I’m learning more about the scandals swirling around state attorney general Troy King. A parade of King’s aides have been called before a federal grand jury, and the “Truth On Troy” blog has more.

Down in the Wiregrass Country (2nd Congressional District), Tea Party candidate and Marine Corp veteran Rick Barber slammed the Obama administration’s proposal to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

I met Rick Barber during the Brown campaign, he was up north volunteering to help out. He seems a decent enough fellow. I’d have no problem voting for him. I’m not familar with his opponents in the primary to make a judgement on them.

  1. rightwinggamer says:

    A pity that I missed it myself. Not feeling so hot and I think I’ll actually be taking a day away from work as a result. First sick day in either almost or over a year.

  2. […] only was Rick kind enough to remember me from the Brown campaign but he has been the same gentleman that he was there. He will do the Alabama 2nd proud and if I had […]