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Since we are in the home stretch basically 3 days to raise the money to go to CPAC per Stacy’s suggestion I’m going to pin this to the top and update the title daily unless the numbers move more than 10% before a day is finished.

I’m still a ways away from the goal. It is doable but not definite. If you want to see me blog from CPAC and wish to kick in just click here and follow the links on the page..

Update: 2 days left I put up a new long post on the subject yesterday morning. Thanks very much to two contributors who accounted for an additional 7% of the goal. I suppose $350 a day is possible and even better than the money would be the look on the wife’s face if it comes.

UPDATE: Yup my wife’s face is a sight to see.

is worth a read. It is something that a lot of mainstream journalists owe us.

Although he does indulge in his normal Palin derangement/Sullivan’s syndrome behavior he still deserves credit for it..

I can’t help but tweak him however over one statement that is so funny that you had better not be drinking when you read it. So put down whatever you are drinking before you click the “read the rest of the entry” link…


I’ve teased supporters of this president in the past because he has been unwilling to address items such as “don’t ask don’t tell”, but I’ve never devoted a piece to my opinion on the subject so here goes…

My opinion on “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is a variation of Lincoln statement on slavery.

Our goal should be having the strongest most efficient military in the world. We need a military strong enough to reassure our friends and to give our foes pause. I am in favor of anything that supports that goal.

If we can meet this goal by officially allowing homosexuals to serve in the military openly, I would support it.

If we can do it by banning homosexuals from military service openly I would support it.

And if we could do it allowing homosexuals to serve openly in some capacity but not in others I would support that too.

Our enemies are trying to kill us, they are not going to wait to ask who we pick up in bars before they try. The most efficient military possible is in the interest of everyone of any race creed color or sexual orientation. My only interest when it comes to the military is its ability to fight and win.

I’m not a soldier, I will likely never be a soldier the people who can answer this will be our soldiers and those willing to serve. Not me.

I will say this to the two sides of the argument:

You might remember that according to Ken Burns Masterpiece The Civil War 85% of American Blacks in the north of military age served in the Union army. They understood what the war was about. Given the beliefs of Radical Islam, I think that Gay Americans would be highly motivated to serve to fight against a fundamentalist Islamic foe that wants them dead and would not be inclined to oppose it.

on the other hand…

We also have an all volunteer military, if the numbers of homosexual recruits are insufficient to make up for the number of straight recruits who would be unwilling to serve with them to the point where it hurts our ability to fight then the needs of the service have to be the priority.

What do you think and why?

This story is an excellent example of making up a headline to fit one’s template. Here is the headline:

Palin Camp Rips Limbaugh, Hits His “Retard” Comment As “Crude And Demeaning”

here is the actual quote:

I asked Palin spokesperson Meghan Stapleton for comment on Rush’s rant, and she emailed me this:
“Governor Palin believes crude and demeaning name calling at the expense of others is disrespectful.”

What is missing from this sentence? Does Governer Palin think that Rush Limbaugh’s “rant” as Mr Sargent refers to it amounts to: “crude and demeaning name calling”?

Do you get that from that statement? I don’t. Do you see Rush mentioned in that reply? I don’t. Do you see an attempt to make a fight between Palin & Rush where there isn’t and to take the heat off Rahm Emanuel? Yup.

This is the same type of wishful thinking reporting that allowed the Boston Globe to believe that Martha Coakley was 15 point up 9 days before the election. And apparently the wishful thinking is not confined to the left.

Guys I don’t get paid to report (but feel free to kick in here). I expect better from people who do.

Oh and by the way, lets quit this “R” word idiocy. The word people were talking about was retard. r-e-t-a-r-d. It is a perfectly good word and is defined in the dictionary here. We should as a rule treat people with respect and not be crude and insulting to others, but lets also not be afraid of words nor treat ourselves with such fragility that we can’t cope with them.

The weaker we make ourselves the weaker we will be.

Update: If I’m reading Ann Althouse right she is with me on the Palin camp rips Rush nonsense.

Update 2:
Rush says the same.