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after all we’ve already established that they can make up their own.

Two Clips of Dick Armey:

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One when he was talking to the MSM:

I managed to get a question in myself but I had to convince him that I wasn’t trying to “ambush” him (he doesn’t know me from Adam) and because of that I lost half the answer:

His bottom line GET INVOLVED!

American Freedom reports…

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a bit about day one.

The irony of the story is that we three nubees that Stacy wrote a very nice recommendation for were whisked through with the only hang up being they had to look for one of the registrations twice

Irony nothing Barbara, it’s the Fedoras and the Cannolis.

Meanwhile in a nearby blog…

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Smitty comments on Liz Cheney:

The fact that the Justice Department has logged more hours investigating the CIA than the CIA has logged interrogating the foe is quite damning.
She’s also touting her site, Keep America Safe. The administration’s attention is drawn to somebody with a clue.

I do have a shot or two of her.

As Smitty notes the Vice President showed up I have two short clips of him.

From his mouth to God’s ears…

I do apologize for the poor quality of those two videos.