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We continue our field guide with everyone’s favorite Luo American Baldilocks

She is absolutely correct about Col West. Incredible is not a word strong enough to describe him, but then again she is a very perceptive person.

Q: How do we know that Global Warming is a religion to Bernie Saunders?

There are just some things that are just too funny. In terms of timing for this kinds of stuff we are in Baghdad Bob at the airport territory.

Apparently Barbara Boxer who unlike Bernie might actually have to fight for re-election is ahead of him on the curve here.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton works at the Americans United for Life. I had the pleasure and the honor of meeting him at CPAC. He has excellent taste being a lover of baseball and a lover of life.

He talked to me daily and cares deeply about the unborn, he seems determined to make a difference for us here in Fitchburg.

How can you thank someone who is willing to help carry your fight and cares enough to check with a stranger every day on it? Well I can encourage you to follow his tweets and to check out the blog he contributes to.

So Jeff, thanks from the bottom of my heart. I am proud to call you my friend.

The world has ended, whatever shall we do, dig up Ted Kennedy and put him back in the seat, send Coakley up here, let loose the hounds of hell etc etc etc…

Let’s be blunt, against the worst candidate of any type I’ve ever seen, who had promised to advance a health care plan that even democrats that I talked to couldn’t stand he managed to get 52% of the vote. What do you think is going to happen in a general election against an effective candidate with a solid record and a bunch of other democrats on the ballot all needed to get themselves elected and/or re-elected?

Remember Mr. Brown is up for re-election in only two years. From everything that people I talked to said this type of vote will make a huge difference to them.

I’m figuring we will get him about 70-75% of the time, perhaps if we are lucky even 85%, if we can do that I’ll be satisfied, at least for now.

I think Massachusetts has the potential to change for the better this is not the last step but the first one, give us some time and amazing thing might happen all over the state.