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it went on VERY late. I will have some photos and longer posts up in a bit but to sum it up quickly:

It reminded me of the Battle of Kasserine Pass. One side was professional and prepared and had laid the groundwork for the battle.

The other side more numerous, less organized and had a presentation that was not as strong.

And like the German army at Kasserine the well organized forces of Planned Parenthood won an early victory against the passionate but less professional forces of the working class residents of Fitchburg playing the role of the American G.I.

More details to come but the Zoning vote will take place in two weeks. It will remain to be seen if the Pro Life forces like the American army after Kasserine can recover from their loss in the first battle and learn lessons by their second.

Will blog and post on return. No idea how long it will be.

CPAC Funding update

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Well today has been an interesting day in that regard. Yesterday I found myself at just under 9% of the goal set to get me there.

Since then three people have kicked in, including to my surprise a local businessman who I had just told the story to in passing. That has boosted me to just under 28% of the goal with 11 days to go.

Is there any chance of making up the other 72% by then? I have no idea, but to those who have kicked in a little and to those who have kicked in a lot, I am very humbled by your support. This is your hard earned cash and the fact that you are sharing it with me really is something. I won’t forget it.

If you would like to help drop that remaining percentage click here and follow the relevant links. Please specify CPAC on the comment line in PAYPAL if you are specifically giving to that end. I’ll be keeping you informed on how the progress goes as the days go by.

As always to those who kick in and to those who do not thanks for reading and spending a portion of your day with me.

…to save author Gary Wills and people like him from embarrassment when they travel in Europe.

The author actually said on Morning Joe today this was the good thing about replacing George Bush with Barack Obama and the crew nodded in agreement.

I’m sure Mr. Willis is a smart man and his book on the “National Security State” might be pretty good, but I have a piece of advice for him. If you find people wanting to pity or laugh at you when you travel, you need to do one thing.


If a grown man can’t deal with what people abroad feel about him or his country then he has a lot more to worry about than who is president.