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The Fedoras are packed…

Posted: February 16, 2010 by datechguy in personal

…and the suitcase is almost ready, I need the camera for the City Counsel meeting tonight but apart from that and maybe a game or two I should be pretty good.

And how do you pack Fedoras for travel, why in a Hatbox of course

Stacy has asked me to take the soft Fedora he wore up here, I am including that and two others along with what I’m wearing. The cannoli will be carry on as will the laptop.

We are getting a bit of snow up here but that doesn’t compare to the avalanche of e-mails that have poured in since the CPAC e-mail list was started. An awful lot to sort through.

I still have to figure out which events to cover, there seems to be more going on than I can attend but we’ll see.

And yet another protester on Planned Parenthood:

…started by our new commissioner as we enter our 23rd year of play.

If you have any interest in face to face tabletop baseball and our league click here to see what is going on.

If you have an interest in joining for our 24th year leave a comment at the site and contact our commissioner . the league dues are $35, we are playing a 60 game season this year (our shortest for a while) running from March 20th to Oct 2nd with 6 weeks off. We play in Fitchburg so if you are willing to travel one day a week for some camaraderie and to see if you could be a great Manager or GM if you only had the chance, let us know.

…isn’t this kind of a weird story:

Iranian regime President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lashed out at President Barack Obama for not closing down Gitmo as he had promised.

You know once there was a day when murderous despots had to make up promises broken by American presidents. It’s pretty odd when a guy like Ahmadinejad can say something like this and be accurate.

Of course, I approve of breaking this promise but it should never have been made. That is actually a bit of Lincoln in him to quote:

As to sustaining it, my promise is out, as before stated. But, as bad promises are better broken than kept, I shall treat this as a bad promise, and break it, whenever I shall be convinced that keeping it is adverse to the public interest.

In the words of the 10th doctor, the world is very strange.