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The latest in our series of bloggers that I interviewed during the early hours of Saturday just before I got my second wind. Bruce Carol of Gay Patriot.

I didn’t get to really talk to him much other than this interview, but I’ve been reading his blog long enough to know that it is worth your time too.

Comedian Evan Sayet explains why you don’t see much conservative comedy out there.

Watch for him on your local college campus or even better request him.

Update: Smitty links, and for the record I had a total of 77 posts over the three days of CPAC most of the the short interviews.

Update 2: You can catch more Evan at Newsbusters today on their notable quotables show.

from stories like this?

Unemployment claims filed last week rose unexpectedly, coming in at 496,000, up 22,000 from the previous week.

Taken with other discouraging news released this week — record-low January new home sales and a slide in consumer confidence — the new jobless claims number describes a slow and uncertain recovery.

Forecasters had expected 460,000 new jobless claims to be filed last week

Unexpected, Unexpected, just like the fact that a group of polls who are so bush league that they can’t get a bill through congress with huge majorities can’t manage to win a dog and pony show even with the entire media behind them.

Considering that I think these bills are nonsense this is a good thing but how did these people ever manage to gain power when they are so poor at using it? As Barbara Espinosa quotes: A weak leader talks tough and passes the buck.

Oh and BTW. The word “unexpectedly” will disappear as soon as republicans have majorities that the numbers being reported can be blamed on.

…also known as the Old Time Luncheonette. In fact the street is also known as Harvard Street so you might have quite a time finding the place.

It was here where the other McCain established the important fact that all breakfast is local. Stacy can vouch for the food as can Dan Collins too.