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Let’s continue our series of protesters with Ted Turner. (No relationship to the CNN owner)

And I certainly don’t dare consider any replacement vehicle that involves car payments with d-day approaching.

To say I’m feeling a tad low right now would be highly accurate.

…or perhaps he has watched Stacy’s clips of Rick Barber and is afraid that he might run against him for the senate seat either way the idiocy has ended:

Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) has released his controversial “holds” on more than 70 pending presidential nominations, his office said Monday night.

Senators, usually from the minority party, often use the legislative tactic on one or a few presidential nominees, usually to protest parochial concerns. Shelby’s maneuver, aimed at nearly all appointments awaiting confirmation on the Senate floor, agitated Democrats because it would effectively limit confirmation votes to a handful per month. It also marked a low point in a partisan standoff in the Senate that has forced Democrats to find 60 votes to pass almost everything.

I’m glad someone convinced him to take back this gift to the left The smart thing is usually the right thing. Shelby’s holds weren’t smart or right.

Sorry Richard you get the wheel of fish award for this one:

…would you be welcome on the Joy Behar show or any other mainstream media outlet if your political and/or social opinion in any way resembled your father’s?

That’s why Pam Geller even without a Fedora can run rings around you and yours. All she has to do is tell the truth.

Oh and Smitty, about Ron Jr…he isn’t acting.

Update: Crooks and liars doesn’t remember the 80’s either.