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Well that’s just lovely…

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The telecert is STILL saying that I have no benefits two weeks after I was told in person otherwise.

As I didn’t receive either a check or a direct deposit last week I guess it will be another early morning at the unemployment office. Oh joy!

On the plus side I got through to the telecert on a Sunday. Rule of thumb: always call during the Superbowl

And they choose the right side in the Planned Parenthood Fight:

It may be difficult, despite the sustained and growing public outcry, to prevent the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts from opening a branch on Main Street in Fitchburg, or somewhere else in the city.

But that should not prevent city officials from trying, particularly if the non-profit organization sticks with its plan to open on Main Street, something we have said is a terrible idea for a city trying to lure more upscale businesses and Fitchburg State College students to the downtown.

They apparently share the same opinion of the city solicitor that I have:

We find Ciota’s suggestion that city officials could open themselves up to a lawsuit if the City Council passed this resolution laughable at best.

To suggest that Planned Parenthood could successfully sue city officials because the City Council passed what is essentially a non-binding resolution that carries no legal weight — if that’s what Ciota is suggesting — is absurd.

This is America, and if the City Council wants to pass a resolution saying its doesn’t want Planned Parenthood opening up in its city, more power to it.

and they let the mayor have it:

And we were also surprised that Mayor Lisa Wong did not attend the portion of the City Council meeting dealing with Planned Parenthood, and believe that she had a responsibility to tell residents how she felt about the issue. She later told us she’d rather see the agency locate somewhere else in the city.

The paper knows that this fight isn’t over. The people need to know that too.

Zombies!!: Amazon Review

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My review of the board game Zombies!! is available at here.

It should be pointed out that this game predates the movie Zombieland by a good many years. It’s not as funny but it’s pretty good.

One thing about Football…

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…getting hit on a regular basis by muscular 250lb + men may be hazardous to your health:

“They’ll tell you I’m one of the worst ones that comes in there,” said Harrison, now retired and living in Woodbridge, Va., where he also deals with high blood pressure, diabetes and slew of aches from injuries to his back, knees, hip and shoulder. “Sometimes I don’t even remember my name.”

8 concussions will do that to you. He may be a Superbowl Hero and remembered by Steelers fans everywhere but there is a price to be paid and Reggie Harrison is paying it.

Give me Baseball any day. (only a couple of months to go!)