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How DARE you sir!

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Mr Huckabee, I’m sure you are a very nice man in person and I’m sure you treat your family very well, I could certainly use weight loss tips from you, and I suspect I might like you if I met you…

but how DARE you sir!


I’m not a big PhotoShop person…

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but this one is as true as it gets…

I’m back in Fitchburg

Posted: February 21, 2010 by datechguy in personal, special events

There is an awful lot that I’m going to miss from going to CPAC, mostly the people the very fine people that I saw there, the friends that I made that I hope will last a lifetime and God willing can be celebrated again in the future together.

It was a wonderful experience and the best parts of it will become even more wonderful as the compound interest that memory generates takes effect.

But there are compensations to being back home, in my own house, with my own bed (and BOY will I be crashing later) and of course there is the largest compensation of all.

I haven’t even looked at my e-mail but will do my best to catch up as the mundane tasks of life creep to the forefront again.

About to leave for the airport

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so this is to let you know.

I still have a ton of photo and video and intend to post it during the week.

I did very little “writing” this weekend but I will make up for it shortly, the reason being that I can write at any time but I will only have access to the actual people of CPAC when I did.

They along with you are the heroes of the conservative movement.