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One of the brightest spots of CPAC was the pleasure of meeting Cynthia Yockey .

Cynthia has been known to be very passionate about the things she believes in but I found her just so nice that words can’t easily describe it. She also gave me some excellent advice that prodded me in a direction I needed to go for health reasons, so I am in her debt.

Where do you find people like this? Apparently you find them at CPAC.

Since I haven’t done a recipe for a bit I figured I’d do a quick film on last night’s dinner. Our menu is boneless pork chops from Romano’s Mkt. The video is a little shaky since I’m filming with one hand while I do everything else.

Initial mixing and coating:

Beef coated Pork in the oven

Add the Beef

Cook the Alfredo:

And everything is cooked!

Here is my wife’s completed plate, she had already raided the salad.

Happiness is a Good Pizza

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My brother picked me up from the airport on Sunday and since we were already in Boston we went to his favorite Pizza Place, Prince Pizza.

I’d write all about it but why write when people can tell you it about it themselves….

And we have a still shot too, Antipasto anyone?


It’s all well and good to look at some pictures but what about AFTER the stuff is served?

There is no question that the Pizza is first rate, The crust is excellent and the toppings are first rate. I wouldn’t make a special trip to get here but If in the area I would definitely recommend it.

Anti-theist or not, if there is a person on the net who needs prayers more, I can’t think of them.

Note the repetitive use of the phrase “I don’t want” in her post.

There are a lot of really nasty snarky things running through my head right now, but leaving that all aside for a sec consider:

Angie’s soul is just as valuable in the eyes of God as the soul of the child she decided she “didn’t want”. It is too late to save the life of her child but Angie is still precious in the sight of God. She says she doesn’t want to die, but death is inevitable for all who live, I’m going to die, she’s going to die, if you are reading this I guarantee you are going to die too.

Life is full of choices. I maintain that her choice in this matter was as horrible as any slave-owners but it is now a choice in her past that she will live with and deal with forever.

I think it would be a fine thing instead of condemning her that we choose to pray for her. Lets get together and do so. If you are a Catholic like myself I would suggest dedicating the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary to her for a week or more. If you follow another denomination than use any prayer you find appropriate.

Anger and hatred however righteous in this case will achieve very little, but prayer and compassion might. Let’s try it. If God thinks that Angie’s soul is worth the effort, who are we to say otherwise?

Via Glenn.

Oddly enough I usually start my prayers way before this time of day. I haven’t done them yet. I guess I know why now, so I could offer them for her.

update: Adrienne (who I have not given nearly enough attention to lately) links and agrees, thanks muchly.