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One thing about Pat Kennedy

Posted: February 12, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news

Has it occurred to anyone that he might never have wanted to go to congress and only did it because his father wanted him to?

That is very possible, if that’s so then leaving might be a good thing for him. If it gets his head on straight and gets him right with the church it could be a very positive event for him personally.

No matter what I think of him politically, he is a fellow person and if he can improve himself then that is a good thing and I’m all for it.

Yet another video from Wednesday’s protest in the snow:

The crowd yesterday was smaller. I have some errands to do today but I’ll see if I can get more this week.

Apparently American Glob & I will be sharing a credential, a desk and an internet connection with the American Freedom blog under it’s name at CPAC.

I’m an old fashioned computer guy so I don’t need a desk, the floor is good enough for me if the desk is occupied as long as I can blog.

I haven’t talked to Alister so I need to find out his status and what he is going to do if I end up going.

Still 42% away so it might be a moot point but we will see.

…about this post concerning Pat Kennedy’s retirement?

You guessed it, he declares his and Kennedy’s Catholicism as a reason to support him, when Kennedy has publicly gone after the church and has publicly supported an intrinsic evil (abortion).

My question to the author is this: Do you support Kennedy despite his position/conflict with the church or because of it? If Kennedy was in communion with the church would you still support him or does that matter at all?

What I think people forget is the Democrats were already in trouble when this stuff came out. Kennedy’s revelation of the private correspondence between the Bishop and himself was, in my opinion, an attempt to boost his numbers and or his fund raising.