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…if it wasn’t for the constant cheerleading for candidate Obama, and their willing suspension of disbelief concerning Obamacare etc, the president might not have gone so far out on a limb to enact such foolish legislation.

If the media was more moderate in its presentation and the congress more moderate in its attempts to make law the overreaching and arrogance of this administration would have been avoided, the “reporting” concerning the teapartiers didn’t help either.

So ye of the administration and the left wing media if you want to know who is to blame for Sen Bayh’s departure buy a mirror.

…who puts up an interesting chart while noting some ahem, interesting valentines being offered by planned parenthood.

Nice Valentines. Just the type of thing that goes with the whole “10 year olds are sexual beings” meme. Would Nujood approve?

My flight is going to be Wednesday afternoon…

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…and I’ve packed 3 fedoras in a hatbox along with the one I’ll be wearing. My only problem is going to be carry on cannoli. Can I carry on Cannoli? what are the restrictions upon same? Will I be able to find the promised Cannoli in Washington if I don’t take it with me? I’ve spotted Vaccaro’s Italian Bakery online right near Reagan airport but they are getting $53 bucks for 6 Cannoli. That will be the day when I pay $9 for a Cannoli.

I certainly can’t carry Veal, (although maybe some sausage from Romano’s) I’m going to have to think about this.

Anyway the mailing list is pretty long for CPAC, this is going to be very interesting.

If I am George Soros

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I’d be financing 3rd party Tea Party candidates in every congressional race I can.

If you think Democrats are NOT thinking of doing this you’d better think again. Historically the best features and issues of 3rd parties are adopted by one of the major parties and they tend to be folded in, otherwise you are going to get a series of plurality elections.

Morning Joe is also talking about this as an advantage for Harry Reid.

Remember Bill Clinton never won 50% of the popular vote in either of his elections. I’m with Glenn Reynolds on this one:

I think it’s smarter for Tea Party activists to target primary races, rather than starting their own party as seems to be happening in Nevada. Two words: “Ross Perot.” Two more: “Ralph Nader.”

I would actually run candidates in both democratic and Republican primaries. There is no reason why a person who is fiscally conservative can not be liberal in social issues. Cast a wide net and work together when you can.