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…but loses her own soul? Apparently Miss California understood what that meant and was unwilling to compromise her opposition to Gay Marriage and reject her religion to court the vote of Perez Hilton.

Well she ended up as first runner up and Mr. Hilton had this to say about her

Hilton, the self proclaimed “Queen of all media” who has campaigned for gay equal rights, called the answer “the worst answer in pageant history”.

On a video blog on his website Hilton said, “She lost not because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage, she lost because she’s a dumb bitch!”

A person is known by their enemies. Miss California should be proud to have this loser as one of them.

Be aware that this is the future for supporters of traditional marriage to be considered idiots, and bigots by the “right” people and the media. If Frank Rich’s scorn is the price of my convictions then I am a lucky man.

BTW Frank Rich has been around for a long time, I don’t recall him writing screeds in favor of Gay marriage a decade or more ago, does that mean he was a bigot then?

And another thing, that rant is very unfair to the actual winner Miss North Carolina. By making this controversy and his rant. Mr. Perez raised questions to the legitimacy of her win. None of that is her fault and it shouldn’t be held against her.

Update: Remind me to hit the “publish” button instead of the Draft button. The Captain is also unimpressed with Hilton.

That’s why

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You might notice that this blog is unabashedly pro Israel. This is despite the fact that I’m not Jewish, None of my ancestors are Jewish and other than one nephew’s marriage I have no connection other than acquaintance to anything Jewish.

I’m also not an evangelical which is the other large group that is pro Israel in the US. I’m not worried about the 2nd coming connection or non-connection to the state of Israel or the end of days. (We will all have our own personal end of days so that is what we should concentrate on).

I support Israel because they are a voice of pluralism crying out in the wilderness of Monarchy and Dictatorship. I support them as I would any free people threatened by murderous barbarians. (Yes I said barbarians, when you train your children to kill and falsely teach them from birth to hate, you are barbarians.) I support them as their foes danced as our people burned 8 years ago, but I also support them for the sake of these men:

As terrified teenagers 65 years ago, Menachem Sholowicz and Anshel Sieradzki stood in line together in Auschwitz, having serial numbers tattooed on their arms. Sholowicz was B-14594; Sieradzki was B-14595.

The two Polish Jews had never met, they never spoke and they were quickly separated. Each survived the Nazi death camp, moved to Israel, married, and became grandfathers. They didn’t meet again until a few weeks ago, having stumbled upon each other through the Internet. Late in life, the two men speak daily, suddenly partners who share their darkest traumas.

Lets not forget that during WWII we didn’t do anything to stop this slaughter until the camps were actually taken. It wasn’t until after the war was won that we pushed the notion of stopping this slaughter. The average GI was incensed and appalled but the high command was indifferent.

We already have plenty of people who want to pretend this didn’t happen. It is likely that in my lifetime that last living memory of these camps will disappear. It is incumbent on us to remember and not allow this slaughter to happen again.

We have done very poor job ofit thus far.

Patriots Day Today

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Here in Massachusetts today is the Patriots day holiday. When we remember the ordinary people who defeated the greatest infantry in the world and started on the path to the creation of this great nation.

For events we have the Boston Marathon, An early 11 a.m. Red Sox game and of course the re-enactments at Lexington and Concord.

I’ve actually never been as they are usually swamped and the parking is impossible but I think maybe next year or the year after I should go. It would be a shame to live a whole life around here and never see it in person.

With Maine we are the only states that celebrate the day.

Lately there has been a lot of Charles Johnson vs other people on the right. Charles and Atlas (no pun intended), Charles and Jihad Watch, Charles and Glen Beck, etc etc etc.

I don’t like to get in the middle of fights between people I like. All the people above are against the Jihad, all want to protect America and all in my opinion want the best for us all. But I want to talk specifically about LGF and Charles.

I’ve been a LGF member for a very long time. I’ve been reading it for years. His blog contains high quality writing, solid information, and fine technical coding. Lets not forget that it was he who did yeoman’s work not only on exposing the Rathergate memos but also did (and does) solid work on the faux photography in the Arab world.

It seems to me that Charles has very set opinions and some solid standards. If he thinks something is wrong, or untoward he is not afraid to call people out, left or right on it. If he thinks he is right he is going to say so and odds are he will find a solid link to support it.

There are times when I disagree with him, for example on the recent report I think it is much more malicious that he does. He makes some valid points but I don’t think they carry the day. That’s ok. People on the same side are going to disagree on some things. We aren’t clones around here.

If Charles believes he is right I expect him to say so loudly come what may. That is principle. As the post title suggests it reminds me of Hitchens. I totally disagree with Christopher concerning Religion but his is a principled defense of his position and he isn’t afraid to stand for it. As he recently proved he isn’t afraid to put his neck on the line for what he thinks is right. I suspect Charles is the same.

A fellow like Charles is going to keep us on the right honest. We should be happy to associated with him. Debate him when you think he is wrong, but lets remember eyes on the prize, when it comes to supporting our troops and opposing the Jihad any man should be proud to have Charles standing beside him.

The one thing I can’t comment on is his music. I never knowingly heard him play. I don’t know how good he is but I’m sure on his worst day he could make better music than I ever will.

BTW: I didn’t include the “other side” on the various disputes because this particular post was concerning Charles and LGF. I’ve read and been happy to quote both Atlas and Jihad Watch on various topics and will continue to do so. I would recommend checking out both sites and Charles’ archives if you want the full back and forth between them. I don’t listen to, read or watch Beck so frankly I’m not really interested.