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Virus with AIM stuff UPDATED!

Posted: April 6, 2009 by datechguy in tech

A few min ago got a ping from my son in AIM trying to send me a picture, as I’m busy with my customers I pinged him back saying I had no time for it, he said he didn’t send it.

Apparently the people I’m working with tonight are also having this thing sent to them. It seems it is a virus spread via stolen entries in the buddy list!

So as always beware of odd links sent, you never know what might be behind it.

Update: Been deep in two systems I’m working on and my son’s account suddenly logged on an hour after he hit the sack and attempted to send me a link again. Instead of saying he was “pregnant” like the last time it said look at the new pics and gave me a link to a bebo pictures four dot TK.

Apparently the virus once acquired re-logs at different times and attempts to re-send the trojan using a different combination of words in the hopes that people on the buddy list will be foolish enough to click on one of them. Once there it reads the list and then starts re-sending. It may also lock the account by changing the key word preventing you from changing the password and locking the virus out. My son’s attempt to change the password failed. As it’s locked for 24 hours he will try again tonight.

As we see opening day break on a bleak winter we remember that wonderful year of 2004.

On this day Baseball Musings saw strong outings from both Schilling and the Bullpen as a good sign for the Sox.

Meanwhile the only Redsox story at the Baseball Crank in April was the telling of his tale of meeting Ted Williams. But that’s something always worth remembering.

…and Tina Browns folks too

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I guess the daily beast is trying the Kos methods to increase traffic.

Or maybe Journolist has spoken!

0-100 in 30 minutes

Posted: April 6, 2009 by datechguy in employment, tech
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Went from browsing the net to 4 machines being remotely worked on and two different customers on the phone in under an hour, blogging might be light for a bit as I try to sort through the virus’, page faults and printer issues. I hope to squeeze in an opening day post sometime today.