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A real danger

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Via lgf, Gateway pundit a bit of a danger sign concerning the Ron Paul supporters and the teaparties:

Citing the importance of the taxpayer movement in California, California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring today strongly condemned the use of anti-Semitic material used to promote the recent April 15 TEA party in San Mateo County.

“The taxpayer movement is incredibly important for California, and we applaud the success of the tea parties that took place across the state on April 15. Because we remain intensely interested in the growth and success of the mainstream taxpayer movement, we strongly condemn the use of anti-Semitic imagery in the promotion of the recent event in San Mateo County.

Ron Paul has several good points in terms of small government and unnecessary spending, however that doesn’t and can’t justify anti-semitic garbage like this.

I am very pleased that the California GOP jumped on this to hit it. The group in general issued this response:

Anti-semitism is too real, not to mention despicable, to be charged lightly, and Mr. Nehring’s reactionary charge is regrettable. It amounts to an unjustified smear of Dr. Paul and the people who support him.

One irony in this matter cannot be overlooked. A large, growing contingent of Ron Paul supporters has been elected to Republican County Central Committees throughout California. By indirectly smearing them, Mr. Nehring harms his own party.

I would be a lot more convinced of their group’s good intentions if the spot where the cartoon appeared wasn’t suddenly made private. This looks a lot like the disabling of comments on Huff Po whenever a person of the right is sick or dies. Gotta hide the hate.

Like the Larouche groups the Paulians are going to do their best to co-op the tea party movement. If they want to join in tax protests that’s fine, after all they pay taxes just like everybody else. If they want to argue the US spends too much money on foreign wars that is a legitimate debatable issue. The idea that this is a big Jewish conspiracy is not. If the Paulians want to advance an anti-semitic agenda and use the tea party protests as their vehicle, we must respectfully decline their company.

I expect the media to jump on this hard, in fact I am shocked that it already isn’t’ being reported.

Can somebody give me the year…

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…when people suddenly decided that Gay Marriage was the norm and marriage as it has been practiced for thousands of years became “controversial“? Maybe our brilliant miss USA contestants can answer this question. What year did all of us who maintain this belief, (the majority of the country and the world) suddenly convert into bigots? Can anyone name the year when people could believe this without being a bigot? What was the year? 1990, 1994, 2002? What year did you magically become a bigot by not supporting gay marriage? Were people like Richard Cohen and Frank Rich always bigots without knowing it until they changed their mind or was there a moment where they could remain unbigoted?

Do we have to assume all our parent and grandparents were bigots for their entire lives. Have all of our president been bigots?

It would be interesting to hear the answers to this. Any takers?

The Rani’s back?

Posted: April 23, 2009 by datechguy in doctor who

Via the Corner the Daily Mail reports that the Rani will return to try to befuddle the new 11th doctor:

The 40-year-old is expected to play a Time Lady, the Rani, a glamorous but evil scientific genius, reprising a role played by actress Kate O’Mara in the 80s.

A source told the Express: ‘Gillian obviously has a massive sci-fi following and it’s felt it would be a major coup to have her appear in Doctor Who.

Gillian refers to Gillian Anderson of x-files fame. The story is also picked up by the telegraph as well so perhaps it is more reliable than the Joan Collins story from 2007.

I always liked the character of the Rani, lets see if she is half as good as Kate O’Mara.

The Meat Rap is (kinda) back

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You likely remember George Carlin’s old joke about someone still being in hell on a meat rap.

What Carlin forgot and what most Catholic’s ignore is that the prohibition on meat WASN’T lifted. You are allowed to substitute some other kind of penance but you still can’t have meat on Friday’s if you don’t.

Well via American Papist it looks like the Diocese of Steubenville under Bishop Conlon has decided to go back to the old ways:

The resumption of year-round abstinence in the Diocese of Steubenville will begin after this coming Easter, one week after Good Friday (April 17). Although the practice will not be a requirement of law, and failing to keep it will not constitute a sin, I hope every one who is old enough to receive Holy Communion and well enough to come to church will take it seriously. Our parishes, schools and organizations should provide meatless food at their Friday activities.

Until 1966, Catholics around the world were required to abstain from meat on all Fridays. That year, Pope Paul VI determined that the rules for fasting and abstinence should be set by the various episcopal conferences according to local circumstances. At the same time, he reminded us that doing penance was commanded by Christ himself and is an important part of our spiritual life.

The bishops of the United States eliminated mandatory abstinence from meat on Fridays except during Lent. However, they insisted that all Catholics should observe some penitential practice on Fridays, in remembrance of the Lord’s passion and death, and they highly recommended continuing abstinence from meat.

So, the present challenge to the people in our diocese is not really radical. It is a call to what many if not most of us have put aside. And it is a way for us, like the apostles, to give up a little food and help Jesus feed the world.

The Papist approves.

What a wonderful idea – and it need not be limited to Catholics living in the diocese of Steubenville, either! Their fine witness, and the words of their bishop, can inspire us to do the same.

Hey that have great fish at the corner coffee shop every Friday.