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…it’s because of posts like this

Unfortunately, Letterman is still alive. And people were writing me because of his misogynistic “jokes” about Sarah Palin and her daughter. But unlike my jokes, Letterman’s aren’t funny (and let that serve as notice that the humor portion of this post is now officially over).

The entire post decries Letterman and the rest of the left for it’s silence on this now and last year:

This stuff metastasizes. Behavior begets behavior. As I wrote last year — one of many, many posts:

The haters don’t care about Palin’s political positions. They’re driven by some inchoate impulse to crucify the woman herself. To rape her with words.

She closes with a warning:

That’s how it works. Sexism isn’t selective, and misogyny isn’t something that only applies to certain women. The dudes can’t tell the difference.

Every joke about raping Sarah Palin or her daughter is a joke about raping you.

We are going to disagree about abortion, religion (hence the Godbag bit in the title) Gay marriage and a whole lot of other things, but this woman is an honest voice and I’d trust her opinion over someone who beats their breast over Imus’ Nappy headed ho’s but is silent over the Letterman remarks.

Is this a one time shot or will this become regular, and if it is regular does it hurt the membership?

Anyways here is Rush Limbaugh on YouTube from yesterday:

and part 2

and part 3

and part 4

and part 5

and part 6 which ends the first hour

There are 10 parts I won’t post them all. It will be interesting to see if this continues. Is the idea for a “Rush” youtube channel to go viral and counter the old media through the new one? Time will tell.