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Endorced by Classical Values

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Classical Values endorces my economic plan from January:

We have added at least a trillion dollars to our national debt and the accomplishments for that spending are worse than if we had done nothing. Where is the Do Nothing Congress and the Do Nothing Presidency when you need them?

Doing nothing would have allowed the business cycle to fix itself. It takes guts to sit still when everyone is panicing. This congress doesn’t have them.

Via Glenn.

One more thing about Fr. Steel’s conversion

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It’s the comment concerning doctrine:

What I became aware of was that it was almost impossible to say ‘the Church teaching is’ within the Anglican church because there are so many various opinions on matters of sacraments, liturgy, morality, scripture etc. What I did not want to experience anymore was proclaiming the teaching of the Church only to end up defending myself rather than the Anglican church defending me. This has become an ever-increasing impossibility that is no secret to the entire Anglican world. My preaching would always be seen as a matter of personal opinion rather than having the authority of the Magisterium that backs up what I teach publicly. Of course there is dissent in the Catholic Church but it is always that, dissent towards what Mother Church proclaims as authoritatively true. It is the truth of Mother Church that I embrace as my own deep personal faith. (emphasis mine)

That’s the bottom line, dissenters within the church dissent against truth. The Anglican communion and some other denominations have a real problem defining truth and remember the bottom line, the only reason to be Christian in general and Catholic in particular is because it is true..

If it’s not then we are just a lion’s club that meets on Sundays.

It’s the 8th doctor…

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…who will be the star of the Doctor Who / Forever Knight crossover at Rich’s Comic Blog.

If you aren’t reading it and the very funny House of Paulus strip you are missing something.

Well as you might recall we lost Fr. Cutie a few weeks ago and I wrote this:

Over and over when I read about Anglican priests becoming Catholic we hear about the study of doctrine and the conclusion that the Church is true and right. On the other side we hear the I wants. The church doesn’t allow something that the person whats or objects to a sin that the person does, so they find a different church.

One group looks for truth and goes toward it, the other has sin and wants justification to allow it.

Well here is a case in point:

Though my time in Rome had quite a bit of emotion as I prayed, what I actually came to see was the end of the wrestling with these questions in my mind and heart. It was now time to act on what my conscience was saying to me for some time. It was time to surrender myself and submit to Mother Church knowing in faith that God would open doors. Here I saw the connection of what communio meant and how the union with Mother Church was now bringing me closer to Jesus where I am no longer to be in a party that is merely catholic-minded but am coming into communion with the Church of Jesus Christ which is in union with Saint Peter. This is my salvation. What I mean is that though I have continually been drawn closer to Jesus through worship, sacraments, and the cure of souls, this decision to move is a conversion to Christ that I have not yet experienced. I am now beginning to see how closely this final decision has drawn me to Jesus where what began ten years ago as a love discovered within the ceremonial beauty of worship has been God’s instrumental means of uniting me to the Catholic Church.

Finally, this leads me to my vocation to the priesthood and the cura animarum. I realise that I do not come to the Church making demands. I come offering my life to Jesus and to the Church as I seek his will for my life. For the time being, I am simply giving up being the teacher and am now becoming the student of Mother Church. What she does with me is in the best interest of her and God’s kingdom. As I said, the family is preparing to move to London in the near future to begin a new life of ministry and service. There will be more details forthcoming as things become confirmed to me.

Compare this to the Cutie story:

This charismatic priest famously took his secret girlfriend, a divorced mother, to a public Florida beach and frolicked with her on the sand. This was a month ago, the scene was illicitly photographed and the images published on the pages of a Mexican tabloid. Before you could say “vows”, Fr Cutie, 40, was forced to give up his Miami Beach parish.

Barely had the Catholic community of south Florida recovered, when a surprise press conference was called on Thursday by Bishop Leo Frade of the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Miami. Fr Cutie was switching sides, leaving the Catholic faith to join the Episcopal Church, which is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Episcopalians, of course, don’t mind their priests canoodling, marrying even. Saying he had gone through a “spiritual and deep ideological struggle,” Fr Cutie said he was “continuing the call to spread God’s love” and paid tribute to the spiritual home he was fleeing. “I will always love the Catholic Church and all its members who are committed in their faith and have enriched my life in so many ways,” he said.

I’ll take this trade any day of the week. You have to go back to the 64 Cubs for a trade that lopsided.

All via the Curt Jester who rejoices.