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Both Kathleen and the commentators at Amy Siskind post seem to be asserting that Sarah Palin was asking for it.

I’d like to ask how I’m supposed to teach my sons respect for women when stuff like this is defended even by women?

I guess my father died oppressed…

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…since he passed away in 1987 and lived his entire life denied, at least according to a French court a basic human right:

The Constitutional Council declared access to the internet to be a basic human right, directly opposing the key points of Mr Sarkozy’s law, passed in April, which created the first internet police agency in the democratic world.

Who knew all these years generations of humans were denied a right so basic?

Lets take this to it’s logical end. If the internet is a basic right then of course electricity and plastic and all the components necessary for them must be a basic right too.

This means we (or perhaps the French) must immediately go into the amazon and Africa and build as many power plants as possible to provide people with this basic right. And of course since all this stuff requires plastic we will need more oil by which plastic is created.

You know it seems to me silly season never really ends.

What a shame

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You know what a bit depressing about the Reclusive leftist spirited critique of Letterman; that it needs to be complemented.

I was very pleased to read it and point it out to show an example of a leftist feminist that is honorable and consistent on this issue, but as I think about it isn’t it terrible that this reaction is so unique that it deserves to be highlighted?

Shouldn’t the opposite be true, shouldn’t the Ford’s and Huffingtons and Deutschs reactions be outlines that draw scorn. Cory Simpson got more flack for leaving Ricky Henderson off his HOF ballot then they will get for their statements defending Letterman.

…as does Donny Deutsch on Morning Joe. Oh she should have known that he meant the 18 year old daughter. She should have never had put her kids out, she is trying to divide us blah blah blah blah.

Looking at Mika I think she was about to explode she has one again had to defend Gov Palin but does it with the preface “lets forget who she is for the moment”.

In the middle of the back and forth Willie points out that e-mailer are informing them it was Willow that was with Palin and not Bristol. This is MSNBC. This story has been out there for two days now and they are only finding this out via an e-mailer? Then again they don’t know that Levin’s book exists when it has been #1 on the NYT list for 10 of the last 11 weeks and #1 at Amazon for months. Deutsch tries to roll back, Arianna says nothing.

I guess supporting the niche left market on MSNBC trumps all.

You know I think when it comes to the Governor she has to bite her tongue a lot because she is on MSNBC. I really think she wants a reason to vote for her in 2012, but that’s just my ample gut talking.