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The local coffee shop that opened up during that nasty ice storm last year has decided to use the old ice cream freezer and fountain apparatus.

The just got a delivery of cones and ice cream and intend to offer ice cream and floats and frappes like an old fashioned Ice cream parlor.

The idea that a neighborhood ice cream fountain is opening is an incredible thing to me. 25 years ago there was a local pharmacy a block from this spot (it is now a hair salon) that had a ice cream fountain. It had been in the neighborhood for decades. The return of such a local ice cream place just in time for summer is a wonderful thing.

So if you find yourself on the 5th street bridge some summer day park your car and go into the old time cafe and get yourself a cone (and don’t forget the fish is awsome).

Speaking of Doctor Who stories…

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…if you were looking for vampires when Doctor Who met Dracula in Big Finish #99 Son of he Dragon and was disappointed in finding the historical Dracula instead fear not.

For Coming off of his 247 page triumph The 10 Doctors Rich’s comic blog is now featuring a new Doctor Who story Forever Janette that crosses over between Doctor Who and Forever Knight.

I don’t expect you’ll see any bowships but this has some real possibilities.

Oh and in between episodes you can enjoy his Ancient Roman Comic House of Paulus, a comedy that takes place in a firearms bearing Rome.

Either way Rich’s comic blog is the place to be.

sonofdragonMy review of the big finish Doctor Who audio #99 Son of the Dragon featuring the 5th Doctor and his companions Peri and Erimem is available at here.

I’ve always been a big fan of the the character Erimem and Doctor Who historicals so this one is a double winner in my book.