And the prize for not being George Bush is…

Posted: October 9, 2009 by datechguy in Blame Bush, oddities, opinion/news
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I crashed on the couch last night because the Sox game was on the west coast. When I woke up this morning and signed in AIM the headline was that President Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Being a normal and sane man I assumed I was still groggy or maybe still asleep and then turned on the TV.

Apparently not being George Bush counts for a lot. From what I’ve seen on Morning Joe even the White House seems a bit embarrassed.

I was always under the impression that you actually had to DO something to win the prize.

That makes three four US presidents. Teddy Rossevelt for his mediation in the Russian Japan war. Woodrow Wilson for the League of Nations, Jimmy Carter for Camp David and President Obama for… for… not being George Bush.

I guess we should be watching for international youtube videos of kids singing now.

I can’t think of anything that can illustrate the bankruptcy of the prize than this award. I’ve gotta run my kid to school but I’ll do some blog round up later.

Update: Forgot about Wilson. I still haven’t checked any other blogs but I can’t wait to do that.

Update 2: I must say this IS deserved. No US president since the Bush administration has not been more not George Bush than Barack Obama.

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