Happy Columbus day all you who are not in the stone age or living under Monarchy

Posted: October 12, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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Yes it’s Columbus day the day the left most loves to hate. (Next to Christmas of course)

You might think that it’s because a White (Italian) European sailed across the ocean and discovered lands where the Wheel wasn’t discovered, where people lived pretty much in the stone age, where cannibalism was a norm, where regular war took place between peoples and where the greatest and most advanced civilization in the Americas spent most of its time cutting out the hearts of captives to serve their Gods.

Now it has become fashionable to lionize the American Indian as “better” than Europeans. It’s certainly true that in some aspects Europeans demeaned and belittled their accomplishments but perhaps instead one might treat them as oh I don’t know, men? They had all the strengths and weaknesses of men however they belonged to a group of civilizations that were certainly not as advanced as European civilizations certainly not scientifically or militarily.

It’s interesting that the same people who insist that we don’t treat American Indians as a conquered people (they are) have no problem treating our friends of the old confederacy as a conquered people (they are too).

All of this is interesting but the REAL reason why our friends on the left despise Columbus isn’t what he did to America, but what he did to Europe.

For centuries before Columbus Europe was ruled by an elite that could ignore the people at will, they were the rich or the connected or the artiest who were patronized by them. They were able to live well off the backs of their serfs and renters, they had a class system that kept them on top.

Once religious freedom came in North America and the concept of Representative Government became the way of North America, the elites much like the followers of Saddam found themselves after his fall, saw their place at the top and the easy life and privileges came out of it.

Millions of those who served emigrated to the New World and after the American Revolution democracy strength increased all over the world. After world war 2 things were in dire straights for the elites, The only remaining powers were the US that bastion of democracy, and the USSR where they had their own feudal system based on party but with fewer of the comforts they craved.

Ah but then came the “European Constitution” and the European way and all we have seen since. Lo and behold the result of all of these things is the creation of…a set of elites bureaucrats who live on government largess that pays them to go to conferences with the best food and wine and act important.

It has taken 500 years but the European elites have almost re-solidified the class system that they once ruled by, the basis being not divine right, but bureaucratic power and regulation.

That is Why Columbus is hated by the elites, he set things in motion (although not meaning to) that threatened their power and has taken centuries to re-establish, and believe me those same elites want power here.

If you want to know what is going on with this administration keep that thought in mind, the idea of a set of elite bureaucrats with power of life and death but most importantly with the power of the gravy train for themselves. This is what it is all about, and always has been.

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