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Morning Joe is reporting that the Attorney General is reporting that the 9/11 mastermind is going to be moved to NYC and tried in a civilian court.

Lets forgetting that discovery is going to really hurt intelligence and compromise agents and tactics this is going to have an incredible effect on the battlefield.

Terrorists taken on the battlefield will of course assume and demand lawyers. People who are not even entitled to Geneva protections will get the protections of US law and the best lawyers that our liberal friends will can provide, and trust me they will proudly provide them.

There is a message to our troops, kill them, kill them all and don’t bother to take them alive because you might end up being deposed. If I’m a commander in the field I take the gloves off, I don’t worry about taking anybody alive, I don’t risk my troops for anything now, and I just hit hard, with any weapon I am allowed. If there are non-combatants in the area I don’t worry about it.

This is a policy that is going to cost American lives and the decision of this administration is one they should be ashamed of, if it had any shame.

I guess the decision to do this right after Ft. Hood is the hope of burying all the bad news at once. I guess they decided that the Ft. Hood attack wasn’t a big enough win for Al-Qaeda so they decided to give them another one.

Update: At the News conference he ducks the question. He is a disgrace to this office.

Never forget people, we as a nation did this to ourselves, it is our fault and we will pay for this in blood.

Update 2: Memeorandum doesn’t have it yet, somebody besides me must be writing about it somewhere.

Update 3: It’s up there now.

Update 4: Hotair brings up a good point:

What do we get from having the 9/11 plotters tried in criminal court in New York City? Well, we get to have the city painted as a big, bright target for terrorist action during the entirety of the trial. Thanks to press coverage, which should be an order of magnitude more obsessive than the OJ Simpson trial in LA fourteen years ago, jihadists will come out of the woodwork to make a big international splash, or more likely a boom. We also give KSM and his cohorts a big, juicy media platform for their bile. That was one of their motivations for conducting the attack in the first place, and we finally get to deliver it to them.

I wonder if we will also get a Lynne Stewart ready to pass on info to his friends on the other side. Actually she is out now isn’t she, or if not will be by the time of the trial, she can work for the defense team.

Glenn used to use the phrase, “they’re not anti war they are just on the other side.“. Will we see it return with an interesting twist in the near future?

…because if you don’t you get egg on your face.

“Money from our loyal donors should not be used for this purpose,” Chairman Michael Steele said in a statement. “I don’t know why this policy existed in the past, but it will not exist under my administration. Consider this issue settled.”

Steele has told the committee’s director of administration to opt out of coverage for elective abortion in the policy it uses from Cigna.

Federal Election Commission Records show the RNC purchases its insurance from Cigna, and two sales agents for the company said that the RNC’s policy covers elective abortion.

The Left is rightly having a field day with it.

Ironically I’ll wager that any person who wanted an abortion at the RNC likely didn’t know it was there. This is why you always read the stuff you get. I’m sure this will be changed as conservative reaction is rightly negative, but there is a very interesting post at Macsmind:

First, I sell insurance for Cigna. It’s not true. There is NO opt out if you don’t want “elective abortion coverage”, the plan is what it is and contains what it contains. It’s a “universal coverage”. The issue is whether or not you would use it.

We know that only liberals do.

Secondly those anonymous employees – who could be fired for even discussing the specifics of any plan, and I will find out who they are, don’t know what they are talking about.

Most insurance plans have some type of “elective abortion” coverage when the mother’s life is in danger, except for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida – which covers NO abortions for any reason. By the way it’s the plan most Democrats carry in South Florida.

One could not expect the RNC to offer no insurance at all, and having such insurance isn’t any indication of disqualification of position on abortion. I’m against breast implants but my plans pays for one.

Now that’s a question of fact, is there a rider you can get to exclude this coverage or not? He actually works for the company selling insurance so I presume he would know. That needs to be discovered. I’ll have to keep an eye on his blog.

If I’m Michael Steele I say that this demonstrates what happens if you don’t “read the bill”. Joe Scarborough just said he is dying to interview Steele, when asked if I was Steele I’d say the following:

“Well Joe that’s right and there is egg on our face for not reading the policy. It’s a great example of what happens when you don’t read a legal document carefully. Imagine how many times that is going to repeated if a health care bill passes that nobody has actually read? How many Americans are going to expect one thing but not find another because their elective representatives didn’t decide to read a 1000 plus page bill that they passed.”

Lemonade baby, Lemonade!