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My review of the Big Finish Companion Chronicles 1.3 The Blue Tooth a story of the 3rd Doctor Staring Caroline John as Liz Shaw and Nick Briggs as the Cybermen is available at here.

This story surprised me, I generally don’t like Cybermen stories but I liked this one, I do think they used a really bad Jon Pertwee picture on the inside.

In my opinion the Katie Couric photos…

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…are not reflective on her personally or her ability to do her job.

This is called having fun, people have fun. Fun is good. Everyone should have fun. I don’t think much of Couric as a reporter or of her bias but why shouldn’t she have fun going out?

I think attacking her on this is classless.

However on the Poem business, I say it’s open season on that one.

Just back from the interview…

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…the job seems fascinating and the devices involved are pretty cool. Ironically it is less than 5 min from my first job out of college.

I could be totally wrong but I don’t think it went well. I was asking all the questions. If they were more interested in me I suspect they would have asked more.

Hopefully I’m wrong because it does appear to be a job that I would enjoy doing and the pay is certainly right, but we’ll see.

Sparkman? Nope, The Global warming e-mails? barely touched. They are right about the appearance, but two points:

1. All of this money is PAC money, none of it is public money.

2. All of this money is willingly donated by contributors.

Now those CONTRIBUTORS they might have something to say but taxpayers aren’t footing this bill. This is worth noting as is a legit story, how it is THE story this morning however is beyond me. Of course unlike other places, MSNBC will likely not be brought to task by their readers.