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…except for the outlets that manage to get her on.

Let’s face it, most of the MSM and the magazines that are attacking her are hemorrhaging readers and/or viewers. They will hit Palin they will make fun of Palin but they know that she is a breadwinner for them, and they also know that every moment that they cover Sarah Palin is a moment that they don’t have to cover this president and the best thing for their side (yes they have a side) is to avoid covering this president.

The media is going to be pretty much unwatchable all week.

As Rush has said, the left will tell us who they fear, and they are screaming it loudly. Watching Morning Joe today it is also not a coincidence that apparently the two of the favorite republicans of this show are apparently hit hard in this book.

Lets be blunt: Any Republican that thinks the advice of the media is worth taking for their benefit is an idiot and the concept that they will consult an editor of the Nation for this says much more about Morning Joe than it does about Sarah Palin.

First his assertion that problems can’t get solved unless the US and China agrees. This is a foolish statement, that suggests that we have to get Chinese approval or corporation on any move we want to make. Really dumb statement.

Now if we can get them to help on things fine but to suggest that without them we can’t solve problems is just nonsense.

Secondly he is talking about the freedom of the internet and how a totally free internet is a plus, he explained that an uncensored internet forces him to hear opinions that he might not agree with. Considering his administration’s full scales attacks on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh his statement is a real joke.

I swear to God this guy doesn’t believe that videotape, google or youtube exist.

We are rapidly reaching the point were it isn’t worth listening to what he has to say since rational people will assume he will be speaking idiocy.

Remember we did this to ourselves, the government we deserve.