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My Review of the Companion Chronicles 3.11 Mahogany Murderers featuring the Characters Henry Gordan Jago and Professor Lightfoot from the Classic Dr. Who Episode The Talons of Weng-Chiang is available at here.

It is the single best Companion Chronicles episode available thus far, it is also also unique in two other ways:

To this point it is the only Companion chronicles adventure with three credited actors. Director Lisa (otherwise known as Dr. Bernice Summerfield) plays the waitress.

It is the only Companion Chronicles that doesn’t feature the Doctor.

If you have never seen Talons of Weng-Chiang you will enjoy the episode but not as much, if at all possible watch the episode directly before listening to this episode and you will really have a spectacular time.

It goes without saying that this one should be bought.

My review of the 8th Doctor Big finish adventure 3.7 The Eight Truths staring Paul McGann as the Doctor and Sheridan Smith as Lucie Miller is available at here.

All you really need to know about this episode is that it was written by Eddie Robson he has written quite a few of them and with only one exception they are among the best stories ever written for Big Finish.

This one qualifies as a must buy. So make sure you get that order e-mail to Mike’s comics ASAP.

Danger Will Robinsion Danger! Really boring episode!

My review of the Big Finish Companion Chronicles 4.04 The Pyralis Effect staring Lalla Ward as the 2nd incarnation of Romana with the 4th Doctor is available at here.

This is the lowest rank I’ve ever given any Doctor Who Big Finish Adventure Companion Chronicles Adventure and tied for my worst ever ranking for a Big Finish Audio. It is rather ironic since the two of the three I disliked the most both involved Romana a character I like and who is first rate in the Gallifery audio series. Whatever do you Don’t buy this as your first experience of the Big finish Doctor Who series, you don’t get much more boring that this one.

The writer has a blog here and is likely a lot better than this episode shows but I can’t believe how bad this was. To give you an idea I listened to it right after The Prisoner of Peladon and The Eight Truths I can tell you quite a bit about both of them but I can’t tell you anything worth telling about this one, it was that forgettable.

If you are a reader of this author I would be interested in your opinion. Am I just missing something or what?

If you are collecting the entire set I suppose you must buy it. If I might suggest that can be the filler you use when placing an order at Mike’s Comics which offers free shipping on CD’s with an order of $60 or more. I can’t think of a better reason or frankly any other reason to buy it.

Update: I forgot about Terror Firma, which also earned 2 stars, but this one is worse that that one, at least that one is memorable, bad memorable but memorable, this one isn’t.

My review of the the Big Finish Companion Chronicles adventure 4.03 The Prisoner of Peladon staring David Troughton (son of the 2nd doctor) as King Peladon interacting with the 3rd Doctor is available at here.

This is a real departure from the Companion Chronicles series in that the King was a one-shot character rather than a regular companion, but it turns out to be pretty good. This is the 2nd Big Finish adventure that takes place on Peladon the first being 5th Doctor adventure the Bride of Peladon (Big finish 104). Ironically Nicola Bryant who plays Peri in that episode directs this one. It is a great start for her, of course it helps to have a solid Vets like Troughton and Briggs in the pot.

I don’t know if we will see more of Peladon but it’s a worthwhile start.