Yet another 48 hours The Saga of the traveling Olver Sign continues…

Posted: October 3, 2010 by datechguy in elections, oddities
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Decided to grab something fast on the way to WCRN yesterday so I went up John Fitch Highway and look what I found:

Olver finds a spot on John Fitch Highway!

The saga of Fitchburg’s marvelous traveling Olver sign on John Fitch Highway continues! I was surprised to see it at the Mall near Burger King ,but a closer look made an interesting discovery

Where is the sign? Just over the line!

When I drove by it looked like it was at the Mall but while I was at the “Pay” window I found out the mulch was on the Burger king side. I asked the guy at the window (a shift leader) where the line was (mulch is Burger King up to the curb), and if it was corporate owned or franchise, (franchise), when I pointed out the sign he was surprised, he said the owner would never put out a sign, but he hadn’t noticed it because due to the placement you #1 couldn’t see it from the BK’s entrance and #2 You couldn’t tell what property it was on, this photo shows how close it was to the line.

Is it at the Burger King or the Mall?

That’s as far from the BK sign as you can get.

With all the Bill Gunn signs I’ve seen, (the BK shift leader noted seeing all of them too) if the guy wants to have a sign up on his property he certainly has a right to have one. I again took a little film:

This was about 12:45 p.m. At 7:45 I took my wife to dinner, and on the way home I drove by the location, guess what was missing? Didn’t have the camera with me so I couldn’t film it.

That sign is like Charlie on the MTA, will it ever return?

Stay tuned!

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