Stacy McCain and the road Trip Bleg

Posted: October 11, 2010 by datechguy in blogs, elections, politics
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OK Stacy McCain is here in Massachusetts on a one way ticket. Once he is done here he has to get home. He could buy a plane ticket but that would leave a lot of congressional races in states between Massachusetts and Virginia uncovered by dynamic Fedora wearing bloggers and you not informed about them.

How can we get Stacy home and make sure you know about the races you need to hear about? The Solution: Road Trip!

The plan would be to rent a car here, then once Stacy was done with Massachusetts we would drive him home, stopping at key districts to cover different races along the way (Think Tea party express with less singing and more Fedoras) once we get to Stacy’s house, I turn around the car and drive for home (About 10 hour drive straight through).

As I’m already in week 90+ of unemployment (and I still have to sell the ads for the radio show) it’s going to be necessary to raise the money for the car rental, gas money, tolls, and a motel 6 or something for the places we stop along the way oh and it would be nice to eat.

So I’m asking readers who would be interested in Stacy & I hitting some districts from here (Mass) to Va to kick into the tip jar. The amount that is raised will determine how many stops and districts we hit or if Stacy hops on a train when things are all said and done up here.

So if you want more high quality fedora wearing House and Senate coverage please hit DaTipJar and in comments put “McCain’s and DaTechGuy’s excellent adventure” in the comment line.

and for those who are saying “Hey DaTechguy you don’t fool me, you have a car. Why don’t you just take that and save $300 or so per week on a rental?

Well once I heard Stacy was coming I thought that very same thing so I took my car to two different mechanics, one to correct a vital wheel issue and the other to check if the car could handle any kind of long thousand mile road trip.

My mechanic bluntly told me he would not trust my car on any major road trip. The quote he gave me for what would be necessary to allow it is more than what the rental would cost, plus a rental wouldn’t add 1000+ miles to a car that has to last as long as I can manage.

So does Stacy take a train or do we begin the road trip? The decision as they say, is in your hands.

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  2. Good luck raising funds. Be sure to let me know if you make it to NY25. Ann Marie Buerkle has an office right down the road.