Answer: When the black man people call to be strung up is conservative

Posted: February 3, 2011 by datechguy in internet/free speech, media
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Question: When is it OK in the age of civility to call for lynching, stringing up or sending a black man back to the fields?

Our friends on the left decided to protest the Koch Brothers conference. In the event sponsored by Common Cause, AFFCE, The Ruckus Society, 350, Greenpeace, Code Pink, the Progressive Democrats of America, the public attending had some choice words for Justice Clarence Thomas:

Big Government noted something missing:

At the morning panel event featuring UCI Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, activist Jim Hightower, Center for American Progress journalist and “Koch Brothers expert” Lee Fang, California Nurses Association co-president DeAnn McEwan, and President Obama’s former green jobs czar Van Jones, we were forewarned of the impending demise of both the environment and democracy at the hands of corporate lobbyists and their government shills.

There was eerily no mention of GE, AEP, Goldmann Sachs, Pfizer, Aetna, Alcoa, Xerox, Google, Motorola, IBM, or several other corporate giants who profit at taxpayer expense via their K Street connections to the Obama White House as well as the very economic and regulatory policies they lobby that these Common Cause panelists commonly endorse. But I’m sure that’s only because no one wanted to point out the obvious. Right?

I’m sure the No Labels crowd, the Major networks and the Cable networks will rapidly report on these racist declarations of white folks against a black man with power? Hot Air asks:

Will the Southern Poverty Law Center report on the “Rage on the Left” and label Common Cause a racist hate group?

R.B is more blunt:

Let’s just imagine if the video above was taken during a Tea Party rally and several participants stated that a sitting US Supreme Court Justice should be sent “back to the fields” or “strung up”. Picture the news coverage. Predict what Chris Matthews or Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann (if he still had a show) would be saying right now and over the next few days. It would be non-stop. Democrat Congressional members would be using the tape as “proof” of what is really behind the opposition to ObamaCare or any other piece of legislation they want to get passed.

Nonsense I’m sure they will give this story all the attention the big three gave the Planned Parenthood story this week.

  1. Chris Lackey says:

    So let me get this straight – when there is video footage of people in the Tea Party saying racist and bigoted statements, they are in a vast minority or just plants from the Left, but when it comes to liberals, a few dudes represent the whole party?

    How about some fairness, Pete?

  2. Chris Lackey says:

    …then I will await your attendance, reports, and filming at local events of this type.

  3. Steve says:

    WOW! Thanks for posting this!!

    Common Cents

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  5. AngelaTC says:

    Aside from just generally being nasty people, do liberals insist on always being high? At least two of those people seemed to be under the influence of some serious stuff.

  6. Don says:

    I would say this to Chris: Your objection is the same one people in the Teaparty have when smeared by national media types, with good reason.

    DaTehGuy is just using the national media’s method of slandering via association. If you can’t see that, you are being willfully blind. This sort of hatred is commonplace on the left, it is just rarely talked about nationally.