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Funny you should ask, I checked with the station when the show didn’t get e-mailed to me right away. Turns out although the show was recorded for whatever reason the file was never saved.

So like a missing tooth unfortunately there is a gaping hole in my archives meaning that a lot of you missed the wisdom of NeoNeocon, the commentary of Tom of Libertarian Leanings and the comments of my state rep Steve DiNatale, it is your loss.

And I totally deny that the file is missing because of the references we made to events at Northwestern University in an attempt to make sure my 86 year old Sicilian mother couldn’t reference the recording.

If anyone for any reason happened to record it I would be very happy to relieve them of a copy of it…

…just keep it away from my mother.

There is a lot of talk about the actions of the Republicans in Wisconsin last night. Right now the democratic Senators are announcing that they are returning today since the bill is already passed.

But it hits me that once they are back in the other session, what is to stop the Republicans from bringing up the bill that was already passed in the house for a vote? Once they are in the chamber the vote can take place and all the fuss about “late night pushing of stuff” or “separation of the bill” would be moot wouldn’t it?

I think it’s a great question, does anyone have an answer?

Donny Deutch is calling the Governor Fascist, Mika is still hitting the governor and the republicans but points out the Democrats having fled have not a lot of lets to stand on.

Harold Ford is hitting Walker with both fists, Willie Geist is also saying it shows Walker for what he is etc etc etc.

Pat Buchanan is nailing it that the pictures of the mobs are going to hurt big time but the bottom line is did this work or did it not work.

Barnicle is pointing out that it’s going to come down in four years with “are you better off than you were four years ago.” Mika is agreeing.

The reports from Althouse of door being handcuffed shut by protesters are going to be in republican ads next year and will be devastating in the next election both locally and nationally.

Today’s vote in the legislature will determine if Wisconsin is ruled by the mob or by the law. It will also be interesting to see how the police react. Will they help republican legislatures get through the mob? Will they keep the mob from trying to intimidate the legislatures?

It will be an interesting day. I say the unions will go all in because they feel they have nothing to lose. The pictures will not be pretty.

Will democrats be smart enough to stop the Unions or will they be egging them on?

It will be fun to find out.