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Today Anita Moncrief is our scheduled guest, we’ll be talking about the True the vote conference and her experience as a Whistle blower on Acron.

In the second hour we will talk Trump, Libya and the middle east. Join us at 10 a.m. on WCRN 830 AM and don’t forget the Wesley and Weston review at 6. Conservatively speaking from 7-9 and Carol Ann Brown at 9.
As always you can listen live here

I will be going to the Catholic Men’s conference after the show and will have video up at the end of the day.

During my door to door travels I have been to dozens of town in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. One of the businesses you find in every town is a cleaners and no matter what cleaners I’ve visited I’ve asked two questions. The first if they were interested in an ad on the show and the 2nd if they cleaned Fedoras. Invariably I got the same answer for both: No.

However Monday I visited Kacio cleaners (pronounced Cassio) in the Johnny Appleseed plaza (Central Street) in Leominster and lo and behold they not only clean fedora but are my newest advertiser.

I was so pleased with my now clean hat I immediately gave them the suit and hat I was wearing and changed into the newly cleaned suit. I plan on giving them a hat a week till all my on-hand fedoras are clean. When my other hats rotate back in I’ll get them cleaned too.

Add to that the free button and minor repairs and they are sure to be my regular cleaners from now on.